Ibiza in November: Uncover the Island’s Tranquil Charms
July 03, 2023

Ibiza in November: Uncover the Island’s Tranquil Charms

Many opt to visit Ibiza during the summer to catch the temperatures at their highest. July and August are, of course, excellent months for visiting the island. However, there is something special about visiting Ibiza in November. 

As the temperatures fall and crowds disappear, a slower pace of life comes over the island, offering a more authentic experience for visitors, along with the opportunity to see the top attractions at their quietest.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about what it is like to holiday in Ibiza in November.

Ibiza Weather in November

The weather in Ibiza undergoes a significant change in November compared to the scorching temperatures experienced in July and August. Despite cooling down, the island remains much warmer and more pleasant than elsewhere in the world. 

In fact, you may find the conditions to be more pleasant at this time of year than during the peak summer months. Temperatures in Ibiza in November average at 16°C but often reach 20°C in the early afternoon. 

These pleasant conditions mean you’ll have no issue dining al fresco or exploring the island’s famous shores during this Autumn period. In saying that, the sea temperature in Ibiza in November falls significantly lower. 

So, you may wish to stick to appreciating the island’s turquoise waters from the comfort of the shore during this month. While the sun shines bright, it also sets noticeably earlier than in the summer - sometimes as early as 5.30 pm. 

Another thing to note about the weather in Ibiza in November is that it has an average of 90 mm of rainfall per month. 

Festivals and Events in Ibiza in November

You may be wondering whether it is worth going to Ibiza in November if the island has quietened down. If so, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is an abundance of exciting annual festivities happening during this period. We have listed some of our top picks below. 

All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day is a national holiday that takes place on the 1st of November and is an incredibly significant event on the calendar for those on the island. The occasion is held in celebration of the lives of the Christian saints. The festival begins with an 11 am mass which is then followed by live music. 

Visiting Ibiza in November and experiencing All Saints’ Day offers a wonderful insight into the enchanting cultural and traditional heart of the island.

Fiesta de San Carlos 

Fiesta de San Carlos is a vibrant festival that takes place in the quaint little town of San Carlos, north of Santa Eulalia. The event draws in people from all over the island, along with those from further afield and is held in commemoration of the village’s patron saint, Saint Charles. 

The festival kicks off on November 4th with a solemn mass and a traditional parade. Over the next few weekends, an array of exciting celebrations take place including workshops, live music, children’s activities and stalls of local food and drinks.

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera Festival

One of the best things to do in Ibiza in November is to attend Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera Festival for a charming, traditional experience. The official Patron’s Saint’s Day of Santa Gertrudis is celebrated on 16th November. However, festivities are stretched out for several weeks leading up to the event. 

Taking place in the idyllic countryside village of Santa Gertrudis in central Ibiza, the event is commemorated with an exciting lineup of activities including sporting events, dancing, live music and art exhibitions. 

San Antonio’s Festival of Gastronomy

Epicurean aficionados pondering what to do in Ibiza in November need not look any further than the San Antonio Festival of Gastronomy. This esteemed event sees 17 highly-respected restaurants come together for a culinary showdown in a month-long foodie extravaganza.

Highly skilled chefs showcase their skills, crafting their finest dishes for a panel of judges and those lucky enough to secure a seat. Each year, this prestigious event shines the spotlight on a singular ingredient that is to be featured in each dish. Participating restaurants offer a menu of the judge’s top picks for gourmands to enjoy.

Mal Del Cap Short Film Festival

Mal Del Cap is one of the most iconic art festivals on the island. The event welcomes members of the public between the final week of October and the second week of November, inviting them to an endless array of exciting presentations including short films, plays, musical numbers and concerts.

Attending Mal Del Cap is an amazing thing to do for creatives visiting Ibiza in November. It provides a unique opportunity to discover the talented, up-and-coming artists on the island, offering an experience that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions.

Best Places to Visit in Ibiza in November

If you’re wondering what Ibiza is like in November, you’ll find a superb array of magnificent things to see during this time of year. 

Ibiza Town

One of the best places to visit in Ibiza in November is its vibrant capital. The Old Town is postcard-perfect, filled with fascinating historic sites to explore including the Dalt Vila fortress, the cathedral and the castle. 

The Port of Ibiza is also an enchanting place to visit in November as you’ll be able to wander along the famous promenade and see it at its most peaceful and quiet. You’ll also find a fantastic array of eateries and restaurants dotted along the marina that make for magnificent spots to enjoy a gourmet meal. 

If you happen to be going to Ibiza towards the end of November you might also be lucky enough to catch the opening of the Christmas Market. Stroll through the town’s cobbled streets under the twinkle of the Christmas lights and sample seasonal dishes at the festive stalls. 

Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà is a terrific place to go in Ibiza in November. Rising almost 400 metres high just off the southwest coast of the island, this enchanting rock formation is steeped in legends and natural allure.

It is believed to be the birthplace of the Phoenician goddess Tanit and once inhabited by seductive sirens and sea nymphs. These tales and myths endow Es Vedrà with an air of mystique and intrigue. Whether you embrace the folklore or not, the sheer natural beauty of this formation is sure to leave you in awe.

November offers a particularly enchanting time to visit Es Vedrà as the peaceful ambience accentuates the magnificence of the rock rising dramatically out of the ocean. With fewer visitors during this time, you can fully appreciate the serene surroundings and immerse yourself in the mystical ambience.

Beyond the rock itself, you’ll also be able to see the coastal vegetation in a whole new light as they don their Autumnal colours. November is certainly one of the best times to go to Ibiza to see Es Vedrà at its most beautiful.

Best Things to Do in Ibiza in November

There is an incredible variety of amazing activities to experience in Ibiza during November. Below, we delve into 3 of our top suggestions.

Visit Beaches Without Tourists

If you’ve ever wondered whether Ibiza is nice in November, look no further than its captivating coastline. Here, you will find all of the island’s most highly renowned beaches, devoid of the usual crowds that can be found during the high season.

One of the best things to do in Ibiza in November is explore the glittering shoreline. If you’re willing to brave chilly waters, you may even be tempted to go for a dip. Otherwise, you can take in the stunning coastline from the shore.

The Cala d’Hort viewpoint is a particularly exceptional spot to head at this time of year as you’ll be able to snap a picture of one of the island’s best seaside vistas without any of the usual crowds. You will be treated to glorious views over the shoreline below and the whole way across to the island of Es Vedra. 

Alternatively, you may wish to charter a boat to discover the coastline in all of its glory, from the island’s hidden coves to the iconic bays. 

Explore Ibiza Wine and Gastronomy 

November offers the perfect time to embark on a sensory adventure into Ibiza’s rich culinary scene.  The island boasts several local wineries that produce exceptional wines and this month presents a particularly opportune moment to experience their offerings. 

Arrange a private tasting and vineyard tour to explore the island’s finest wineries in complete luxury and exclusivity. Expert sommeliers will guide you through the nuances of Ibiza’s grape varieties and the viticultural heritage of the area.  

Complement exceptional local wines with exquisite cuisine, by heading to some of the island’s high-end restaurants. Michelin-starred eateries can be found all over Ibiza, offering exquisite culinary creations using the finest seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and the surrounding Mediterranean waters.

Go to the Ibiza Christmas Market

Don't miss the Christmas Market if you're visiting the island towards the end of November. After all, it’s one of the best things to see in Ibiza during this month. Soak up the festive ambience under the glittering fairy lights, before exploring the charming delights to be found at the stalls. 

Here, you'll discover an array of artisanal crafts, locally made gifts and seasonal treats. From handcrafted ornaments to traditional ceramics and homemade jams to aromatic spices, there is a wonderful selection of delights to be found at the Christmas Market. 

In addition to the festive shopping opportunities, the event also often features live performances from local musicians and dance groups. Take a break from perusing the stalls to immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms of the island's vibrant cultural heritage.

FAQ About Travelling to Ibiza in November

Are Clubs Open in Ibiza in November?

The clubbing scene is significantly quieter in Ibiza in November, with many establishments closing down over the quiet season. However, you will still find some venues open during this time of year. In addition, some clubs hold events and special parties, particularly during weekends and public holidays. 

Can You Party in Ibiza in November?

While you might not have the same selection of party spots in Ibiza in November, there is still a lot of nighttime fun to be had. The atmosphere is more laidback, with smaller parties and events taking place across more select venues. You’ll also find some beach bars and clubs continuing to throw events.


November offers a unique and special time to visit Ibiza. While it might not have the soaring temperatures or electric nightlife of the summer period,  this month provides an opportunity to explore the island at a slower and more peaceful pace. 

You can visit top attractions without the crowds and immerse yourself in many local festivals and cultural events that take place. Visiting Ibiza in November offers a chance to experience the destination in an authentic and tranquil way.

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