When to Visit Ibiza
March 04, 2021

When to Visit Ibiza

If you ask us, Ibiza is a good idea all year round. With 300 days of sunshine, endless venues open all year round and exciting events are going on every month, the choice is yours. Of course, choosing when you visit is often down to personal preference, so, we're going to run through some of the highlights throughout the year. Thankfully, our hand-picked portfolio of luxury villas can be booked all year round, so, it is entirely up to you.

January to March  

The first two months of the year offer the coolest temperatures, though never usually lower than 15 degrees. During the day, you'll be able to enjoy some sun while the evenings are much cooler. If you're planning on an active trip to the island, the early months of the year are great for walking, cycling, kayaking and more. 

Generally speaking, if you're keen to explore your local surroundings, appreciate nature and eat out on weekends, January to March is an excellent time to visit, the same can be said for November and December too. 

In January, San Antonio's annual flower party brightens up those January blues, while the intimate and relaxed vibes in February make Ibiza an excellent destination for Valentine's breaks. In late February, the island slowly starts to come to life with street festivals and the popular Pintxa San Antonio event in March. 


In April, the weather is warming up, and the island is preparing for another busy summer season ahead. Many of the restaurants and beach clubs that shut down for the low season begin to open up, and the beaches get busier. 

If you're looking to avoid the crowds while experiencing the beaches and popular venues of the island, April is a great time to visit. With warm weather, minimal crowds and an excellent choice on our luxurious villas, April in Ibiza is magical.  


As the weather reaches the mid-20s and the island is ready to welcome the summer crowds, May marks the official start of the summer season. For us, early May marks the perfect time to come to the island thanks to the beautiful weather. 

As well as the resorts coming alive, Mid May is when the super-club opening parties begin to fill the calendar, Ibiza beaches get more appealing and the streets get busier. Plus, with Ibiza's unmissable Medieval Fair in the spring calendar, you won't be short of things to do. 

The Medieval Fair, which is hosted at the famous Dalt Vila, is home to charming markets, food, drinks, musicians and street entertainers, making it an excellent choice for some traditional family fun. 


For the best of both worlds experience, June offers excellent weather and plenty of action, while beating the crowds that flock to the island in the height of summer. By mid-month, the major parties are in full swing and the beach clubs, resorts and bars have come into their own. 

As the island begins to buzz, you'll experience the undeniable Ibiza charm while enjoying the island minus the vast crowds. By now, the sun is shining all day long, the evenings are balmy, and the sea is warm. 

If you're keen to experience the very best beach clubs, restaurants and clubs on the island as they're in their prime, June offers the perfect time to do so. 


As average temperatures rise above 30 and the evenings are warm, the island gets much busier. The 24/7 nightlife is in full swing, and visitors can spend their days in the eat, sleep, rave, repeat cycle thanks to the busy party calendar. 

While the island has come to life as night falls, there's plenty to be enjoyed during the day. Whether you want to charter a boat to feel the sea breeze, or start your day with some early morning yoga, you'll have 11 hours of sunshine to enjoy every single day. 

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the island, July is a fantastic month to escape to Formentera to experience the ultimate laidback vibes, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. 


Without a doubt, August is the busiest month of the year. School is out for the summer and family-friendly resorts such as Cala Llonga, Santa Eulalia and Portinax come to life, creating the perfect playground for the little ones. 

For adults only fun, there's no shortage of parties to choose from thanks to the jam-packed party calendar, while beach bars and restaurants are livelier than ever. 

As temperatures soar into the high thirties, you'll be glad of a private pool or a beachfront location so you can spend your days relaxing in comfort. While the island is bustling, it doesn't mean you should avoid it. Instead, Dynamic Lives will take you off the beaten path and offer you access to the most in-demand venues so you can experience the best of Ibiza in August minus any stress. 


While the party calendar begins to slow down and the peak season draws to the end, September is an excellent time to visit Ibiza. As the weekly club parties conclude with closing events, the mood shifts slightly. 

Temperatures are more enjoyable and the warm weather is welcomed,; the beaches are quieter, and there are plenty of cultural events filling up the calendar. Whether you're spending your days at sea, relaxing on the beach or attending the charming Jazz Festival, September offers something for everyone without the crowds. 


October sees fewer visitors to the island as peak season is closing out. While super-clubs prepare to close with one last party, beach bars and restaurants are still fully functional, so, entertainment is most definitely still on the agenda. 

With temperatures as high as 23 degrees, the weather is still pleasant, although you might experience the occasional rainy day. 

November to December 

As November rolls around, the summer season is officially done and dusted, and the has settled into low season. While many places will close for the low-season, there are still plenty of eateries, bars and attractions to enjoy. 

As the seasonal food fairs begin, temperatures are comfortable enough for days of exploration, and the locals enjoy normality, cultural experiences are aplenty. 

While you may not expect it, December sees Christmas markets, festive dinners and Christmas lights. Plus, there are plenty of New Year's Eve celebrations to take your pick from. 

Now, do you see why we said there's not a bad month to visit Ibiza? While the peak season has a lot more going on, Ibiza is an enchanting island that offers experiences all year round, no matter your preferences. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team, and we'll begin to craft your visit from the ground up.

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