Frequently asked questions

How do I book a house?

You can use our search tool, or speak to one of our experts, or both.  Please don't book any flights until we have confirmed your villa booking. We will respond with all the necessary forms for your booking and take payment online via card or bank wire.

Have you seen the villas?

Yes, we have seen all the villas. Only after that do we post a villa on the website. Seeing the villas is what gives us peace of mind when renting to you. It also enables us to answer most of your questions.

Do villas supply towels and linen?

This will vary from villa to villa, but as a general rule we would expect all our villas to supply all towels for the villa and pool, and linen. Please check for your booking.

Can we also book flights through you?

We don't offer this service as it is best to shop around and get the best deal for you.  When booking flights please remember you cannot be assured of an early check in or late departure.

Can we also rent a boat via your company? Can we book a restaurant? Find a nanny?

Yes! We have a very experienced concierge team in all areas to ensure your holiday is perfect.  We have two different concierge packages available, please ask for for further details.

We can offer over 100 boats, please see our dedicated page here.

I want to rent a car through you; how does this work exactly?

We only rent vehicles if you have rented one of the houses since this is considered an additional service. When you book through us, we pass on your information to the rental company, and they will be ready for you at the airport. You pay there, make a copy of your driver’s license, and hit the road!

Do you help find houses?

We exist for this very reason! Given the many websites online, you could easily overwhelm yourself and get lost in the process. We would be glad to advise you on your Ibizan dream house. Give us a call or contact us here.

I arrive in the morning but cannot access the house until the afternoon. Is there any way to check in earlier?

If the house you reserved is not being rented, it may be possible (pending discussion) to check in early. The same applies for late check-outs. On occasion, there may be fees involved, though that varies by owner.

Is it possible to do an option contract on the house?

Yes, this can be done. We will check with the owner first, then get back to you with confirmation. These option contracts vary between 2 and 5 days.

What is the payment schedule?

You pay 30% deposit and 70% balance due eight weeks before arrival. We will send you two different invoices. If you are booking within a 6-week window, then we request the amount to be paid in full.

Do you also have houses for long-term rental?

Actually, no, this is not something we do unless the booking is for winter months. These include the end of October to the end of April.

Can I rent a house for less than a week?

Occasionally, yes, but it varies by Villa. Often, your charges will be more than the day rate alone. This is due to relatively high costs; and since owners prefer renting out for the full week, this forces them to miss out on that opportunity. We rent for a minimum of 3 nights, in which case you often pay for 4 or 5 nights.

I am interested in buying one of the Villas; how does this work exactly?

Just let us know. We have a go-to real estate agent on the island who can help you. They have all the expertise to steer everything in the right direction.

Are the dates of availability for the houses up-to-date?

Yes, these are up-to-date, but not updated in real time. Potentially, a reservation could have come in as recently as today or yesterday that has yet to be blacked out on the site. If there is a house you want to book, we will always double check with the owner to verify.  We never make promises we can't deliver on.