Food and Cuisine in Ibiza

Food and Cuisine in Ibiza

Slow, sustainable ingredients, farm-to-fork picnics and Michelin-starred chefs – Ibiza’s dining scene has it all. Whilst many people only think about the beaches and the nightlife when considering Ibiza as a holiday destination, the island is a haven for traditional and experimental Mediterranean cuisine, with high-end restaurants developed by talented chefs opening everywhere.

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Ibiza Food

Ibiza’s history of inhabitants has contributed to its distinct culinary identity, with a strong Spanish influence alongside some dishes unique to the island. Alongside the food offering, the fertile soil and Mediterranean climate mean that Ibiza is also home to 60 hectares of vineyards, many of which grow the Balearic Monastrell grape variety.

Rich flavours, fresh seafood and full-bodied wine characterise the cuisine in Ibiza, with plenty of choices to indulge in when you stay at one of our villas on the island.

A Guide to Food in Ibiza

The local cuisine in Ibiza is strongly influenced not only by its geographic location but also by its climate and topography. The warm weather and vast areas of fertile land mean that fruit and vegetables have always been grown in abundance, contributing to the rich and varied dishes enjoyed by locals for hundreds of years.

Ibiza’s traditional food has strong Mediterranean influences and also consists of a lot of seafood due to the island’s small size and numerous coastal towns and villages. Meat and game are popular in the majority of dishes, although in recent years the plant-based offering of many restaurants and cafes has grown in line with the tourist demographics that visit the island.

Sampling Ibiza’s delicious cuisine at restaurants around the island is a brilliant choice, but with Dynamic Lives you can also arrange cooking classes so you can learn how to prepare iconic dishes yourself. Or if cooking’s not your thing, why not let one of our private chefs come and cook at your villa and bring all the famous flavours of the island to you?

Taking influence from the Spanish way of eating, lunch and dinner in Ibiza tend to be served late, with most restaurants opening at around 1 pm and serving dinner from 8 pm.

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Paellas de Marisco

Paellas de Marisco is a kind of seafood paella that is incredibly popular all around Spain and the Balearic Islands. Featuring golden saffron rice, tomatoes, peppers and an abundance of fish, it’s a dish you'll find on menus all over the island.

Bullit de Peix

Bullit de Peix is a classic Ibiza dish that has been developed from a traditional fisherman's recipe. Served in the majority of the island’s traditional restaurants, it’s a fish stew with boiled potatoes and rice that is usually served with aioli sauce



If you’re looking for sweet food recommendations, Greixonera was developed in Ibiza and is a kind of sweet, bread pudding that was traditionally made from leftover pastries, eggs and milk and then baked. It’s traditional and delicious, as well as being quite a comforting dish.


Flaó is a kind of Spanish cheesecake that Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera all claim ownership of, and which you’ll see in plenty of bakeries on the island. The flaó d'Eivissa is made with sheep or goat's cheese, eggs, sugar, peppermint and aniseed and is usually served with a sweet alcoholic drink.

Type of food, canapes and wine

Sobrasada and Botifarra

Sobrassada and Botifarra are two traditional kinds of Ibiza sausages that have been around for decades and are linked to the island’s pig farming past. Sobrasada is made from lean meat and then cured, whilst Botifarra is made by adding pig blood to the seasoned mixture and cooking it in a pan, after which it can be eaten immediately.

Sofrit Pagés

Sofrit Pagés is another traditional Ibiza dish that is hearty and ideal for days when the weather is cooler or you’re looking for a really filling meal. Different kinds of meat are served with seasonal vegetables that have all been cooked in a stew and are best enjoyed with a glass of red wine.

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Where to Eat in Ibiza

It’s hard to choose a particular area of Ibiza that is best for drinking and dining, as there are so many great restaurants all around the island, with different towns offering different culinary experiences. However, the below options are some of the most popular places to visit in Ibiza if you’re looking for excellent dining options.

Cooking Class Ibiza

Santa Eulària

Santa Eulària is considered one of the gastronomic highlights of Ibiza. Located on the eastern coast of the island, it’s a resort town that is often favoured by families because it offers a quiet atmosphere, sandy beach and thriving arts and culture scene.

Carrer de Sant Vicent is also known as ‘Restaurant Street’ and is the best place to start when you’re looking for fantastic dining opportunities. The pedestrianised strip is lined with restaurants catering to all tastes and drawing inspiration from a wide variety of cultures, so you could come back here every evening and still find somewhere new to eat!

If you’re looking for dining with great views, there are plenty of options dotted along the promenade overlooking the ocean or clustered around the marina. Because of the resort’s popularity among families, this is a great place to come and eat if you’ve to visit Ibiza with children, as there will be menus catering for younger customers.

La Granja

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town, also known as Eivissa, is another of the best places to eat on the island since it has the most varied selection of restaurants, cafes and tapas bars. Whether you’re on the hunt for traditional Mediterranean cuisine or fancy a dish from another culture entirely, Ibiza Town is your best bet for the biggest range of dining options.

If you’re looking for luxury dining experiences, Ibiza Town also has the best selection of Michelin Star restaurants and plenty of other high-end options where famous and talented chefs serve up all kinds of delightful dishes. There is also a great array of luxury hotels with bars and restaurants that are ideal places to spend an evening.

Ibiza’s Old Town near the fortified Dalt Vila is a lovely place to eat if you’re looking for authentic-feeling restaurants, with the best options found in the Plaza de Vila or Plaza del Sol. The area by the marina, known as Marina Botafoch, is ideal for seafood fans and includes several restaurants with outdoor terraces offering views of the marina and the nearby Old Town.

Where to Stay to Experience the Best Food in Ibiza

If sampling new and exceptional flavours is high on your priority list when you travel, you might decide to stay close to your destination's gastronomic hub to enjoy the very best that is on offer. Here are two of our luxury villas that are ideally located close to Ibiza’s best foodie areas.

Villa Can Nico Ibiza Santa Eularia

Can Nico

Situated overlooking Santa Eulària, this twelve-person villa is ideal for families or large groups that want to visit all of the highlights of the nearby resort town but also want to enjoy the peace and privacy provided by being up in the surrounding hills. 

Can Nico is set on 7 acres of forest, offering a great level of privacy whilst the designer furniture compliments the traditional finca feel with its elegant Victorian touches.

Can Nikita (127)

Can Nikita

If you want to be close to the heart of all the action and the brilliant selection of restaurants in Ibiza Town, Can Nikita is a brilliant choice for a luxury villa. This traditional finca is kitted out with all the modern amenities you could need, with a gym, thermal spa and yoga deck, and sleeps up to twelve guests across six bedrooms, including a secluded cabin in the property’s woodland.

When you’re not enjoying all of the health and wellbeing facilities indoors, you can enjoy the private pool, fire pit, outdoor dining area and extensive gardens. This is undoubtedly a place to unwind and take care of yourself, so it’s an ideal base for a gastronomic holiday.