Ibiza or Mykonos - Which Should You Visit?
October 16, 2023

Ibiza or Mykonos - Which Should You Visit?

If you’re seeking a Mediterranean island holiday, travellers still ponder the question of which is better: Mykonos or Ibiza? These enchanting islands are known for being jewels of the Mediterranean and offer crystal clear waters, pretty sandy shores, and a luxurious flare. With this in mind, choosing between the two can be quite challenging. 

In this article, we journey around the two islands in pursuit of providing an answer for which destination to choose; Mykonos vs Ibiza. Get ready to explore everything from the best time to visit the beaches, culture, attractions, nightlife and much more. 

The Best Times to Visit Ibiza and Mykonos 

When considering Mykonos or Ibiza, one of the most important factors of any break is when you visit. The weather and tourist seasons can affect your experience, so it's important to plan your trip with these in mind.

The Best Time to Visit Ibiza 

Ibiza offers an array of experiences throughout the year, all of which cater to different tastes and preferences. Peak season often runs from June to September and tends to attract the most tourists. 

During this time, the island comes to life with an energetic atmosphere, lots to see and do and excellent weather. It is a wonderful period for those looking to immerse themselves in the party scene around the island, or for anyone hoping to soak up some sun on one of the many sandy beaches. 

The shoulder seasons consist of spring and autumn and are in April, May and October. With pleasant weather and comfortable temperatures, this makes for a wonderful time to get out and explore all that Ibiza has to offer. There are usually fewer tourists during this time, great for those seeking a break brimming with peace and seclusion. 

With plenty to offer, Ibiza is a great year-round destination. When you decide to go ultimately depends on what you’re looking to get out of your trip. 

Summer is perfect for those looking to dance, party, explore attractions and enjoy lots of sunshine. Whereas the shoulder seasons are ideal for visitors hoping to sit back and relax, or get out and active during the quieter and more comfortable climate. No matter when you go here, you’re sure to be impressed by all that this stunning island has in store. 

The Best Time to Visit Mykonos 

Mykonos is an idyllic island brimming with natural beauty at every turn. It tends to be in its prime during the summer seasons, which is great for tourists looking to immerse themselves in all that this stunning part of Greece has to offer. 

With hotter temperatures, lots of sunshine and an abundance of activities and attractions, you’ll want to explore here anytime between June and August. These months also tend to attract those looking to experience the lively nightlife in Mykonos, as this is when the bars and clubs are in full swing for the peak period. 

Anytime between May and June or September and October, Mykonos tends to be a little quieter. This creates the perfect atmosphere for those looking to experience top sightseeing spots without the busy crowds. 

The weather is excellent during this time with sunny days and pleasant temperatures, which is great for visitors who like to get out and be active. What’s more, with fewer tourists the shoulder seasons make for a fantastic time to soak up the many natural beauties surrounding Mykonos without the hustle and bustle. 

Much like Ibiza, Mykonos has something to offer a range of travellers throughout the different seasons. Whether you’re seeking the lively side of the island or a more laid-back vibe, a trip here won’t let you down! 

Which Island has the Best Beaches? 

Another thing that continues to draw people to these islands is the stunning beaches. Ibiza and Mykonos both have an excellent selection of shores to choose from, with unique scenery and facilities at each. 

Beaches in Ibiza 

The beaches in Ibiza are famed for their unmatched beauty and charming aura. You will discover an array of sandy shores around the island, each offering something different to a range of travellers.

Ibiza’s beaches are also celebrated for their stunning landscapes and outstanding natural beauty. There are plenty of shores around the island that display white sandy coasts and crystal clear waters, making it the perfect spot for those planning to sit back and relax. With the beaches attracting plenty of visitors throughout the year, you will also discover restaurants, bars and shops close to many of the shores meaning there’s always something to do when spending the day by the sea. 

Beaches in Mykonos 

For those seeking a wonderful combination of captivating coastal vistas and vibrant culture, the beaches in Mykonos are the place to be. Here you can enjoy a plethora of sandy coasts set against the white-washed buildings, creating an utter paradise for those visiting here

The beaches in Mykonos are also perfect for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the party scene on the island. With plenty of sandy shores offering lively nightclubs and energetic beach bars, you’re sure to find somewhere to relax by the sea, cocktail in hand. You will also encounter live DJs and music playing throughout these venues in the peak season, creating a great atmosphere for those planning a jam-packed break. 

Which Island is Best for Culture?  

There’s no better way to enjoy your time in a different place than by soaking up the culture. With this in mind, you’ll find cultural attractions in abundance in both Mykonos and Ibiza.

Culture in Ibiza

The culture in Ibiza is mainly influenced by Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman and Moorish civilizations, all of which have left their mark on the island. This can be seen through the intriguing architecture, mouthwatering cuisine and fantastic festivals and traditions. 

Ibiza is known for its incredible art scene, with an excellent selection of galleries scattered around the island. There are also plenty of lively music festivals, annual fiestas and more to enjoy when visiting here. All of these aspects create a place brimming with culture, history and heritage, perfect for those looking to uncover more about this outstanding part of Spain. 

Culture in Mykonos 

Mykonos boasts a captivating culture that draws visitors from all over the world. The island is rich in history and displays a unique blend of Greek traditions alongside modern influences. As you stroll around Mykonos, be sure to take time to marvel over the impressive Cycladic architecture consisting of white-washed buildings and blue-domed roofs. 

You can also experience lots of history and heritage when exploring Mykonos, much of which is presented throughout the quaint towns and villages around the island. Here, visitors can appreciate tranquillity and seclusion as they wander ancient ruins and fascinating archaeological sites. The timeless beauty and fantastic culture surrounding Mykonos make it a must-visit destination for those looking to uncover more about the Greek Islands. 

Which Island is Best for Tourist Attractions?

Scouring the tourist attractions is one of the highlights for those looking to experience a new destination. With so much to see and do, Mykonos and Ibiza are excellent choices for anyone planning a break brimming with exploration and adventure. Below you will find a little more information about the top attractions around both of these beautiful islands. 

Attractions in Ibiza

With so many tourists heading to Ibiza each year, it comes as no surprise that the island has much to offer in terms of attractions. From its pristine beaches to its rich history and UNESCO-listed sites, you’re sure to find something here for a range of visitors. Be sure to visit the frequented Dalt Vila, an ancient fortified town that provides guests with unparalleled coastal vistas and quaint cobblestone streets. 

As the sun sets, the attractions don’t stop in Ibiza. You can extend your day into the evening as there is an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy throughout the island. With world-renowned DJs and live entertainment, you’ll never be stuck for things to do here

Attractions in Mykonos 

Much like Ibiza, Mykonos also boasts a plethora of captivating attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here you can experience some of the world’s best party beaches, explore the charming cobblestone towns, see the iconic windmills, browse pretty boutiques and much more. 

There are also opportunities to take trips to the nearby Delos Island where you will discover an archaeological site brimming with ancient ruins and fascinating history. 

Mykonos also springs to mind for those looking for some of the best partying spots in Greece. After you have spent your days seeing all that the sights have to offer, be sure to check out the evening establishments around the island. With bars, restaurants and nightclubs in abundance, you’ll find yourself needing more time just to experience them all! 

Which Island is Best for Nightlife? 

If you’re in pursuit of a break that offers excellent nightlife, Mykonos and Ibiza are both known for being party islands. We’ve put together a comparison of these top holiday destinations so that you can pick the one that suits you best. 

Nightlife in Ibiza 

For those wondering if Ibiza is a party island, the answer is absolutely. The nightlife here is legendary and continues to attract celebrities from around the world. Here you can experience electronic music and an energetic atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

Ibiza boasts a huge variety of bars and clubs, catering to a range of tastes. From the pretty beach clubs of Blue Marlin and Nikki Beach to the favoured spots of Pacha, Amnesia and Ushuaia, there’s something for all on the island. The excellent blend of partying and glamour is something that Ibiza does exceptionally well, making it great for those hoping to dance the nights away. 

Nightlife in Mykonos 

Mykonos' party scene is one not to be missed. The island also offers an incredible selection of bars and clubs, providing visitors with lots of choices. It is a global hotspot for party enthusiasts as it comes to life after the sun has set. 

Mykonos Town is the best area for those looking for a variety of entertainment. Here you can enjoy cocktail bars, and beachfront clubs like Scorpios and Paradise Beach, alongside live DJs and music.

With so much happening in Mykonos, the nightlife scene won’t disappoint. Visitors can also discover quieter spots around the island, perfect for those looking to enjoy a drink in a picturesque setting without the busy crowds.

Which Island is Best for Cuisine? 

After a day scouring these islands, you’re likely to have worked up an appetite and luckily for you, both spots have much to offer in terms of cuisine. Keep reading to find out more about the dishes you can enjoy when visiting either of these destinations. 

Cuisine in Ibiza 

The cuisine in Ibiza displays an outstanding mix of Mediterranean influences and local specialities. Here you can enjoy a myriad of meals with everything from fresh seafood to Spanish tapas and much more. There are also several restaurants and cafes around the island that offer international cuisine, making it the perfect place for even the pickiest of eaters. 

Where you decide to visit in Ibiza will determine the type of cuisine you can experience. The tourist towns on the island will offer a wide variety of dishes to enjoy. Whereas some of the smaller villages display traditional and local plates. With so many wonderful spots to choose from, you’re sure to find somewhere to suit your taste in Ibiza. 

Cuisine in Mykonos 

Greek cuisine never disappoints and Mykonos is no exception. Enjoy an exquisite blend of culinary traditions and Mediterranean flavours when visiting this beautiful island. The highlights here tend to be seafood, often consisting of grilled octopus, fresh fish and much more. With a plethora of coastal tavernas throughout Mykonos, there are more than enough places to choose from. 

You can also experience traditional plates in Mykonos such as moussaka, souvlaki and Greek salad in several of the eateries around the island. Many of these restaurants are also situated in picturesque settings, providing natural beauty at every twist and turn. 


It is clear to see that both Ibiza and Mykonos have much to offer a range of guests. From the fantastic beaches to the electric party scene, mouthwatering cuisine and intriguing attractions, either of these islands is sure to impress. 

Where you choose to go ultimately comes down to preference as they both make for excellent holiday destinations. No matter where you decide to go, Ibiza and Mykonos are excellent choices for a luxurious break in the sun!

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