Clubbing in Mykonos

Clubbing in Mykonos

The beautiful Greek island of Mykonos is famed for its sensational nightlife. Home to stylish cocktail bars, trendy pubs and some of the most glamorous clubs in the world, this picturesque landmass makes the perfect destination for those who are looking to party on a luxury Mediterranean getaway.

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Nightlife in Mykonos

Often hailed as the Ibiza of Greece, you will find spectacular events taking place all over Mykonos. Its extensive range of party venues caters to every kind of night owl, with options ranging from open-air beach clubs to underground techno raves. 

Alongside heavenly beaches and whitewashed houses, you will find a magnificent array of buzzing nightclubs and bars in Mykonos. The music ranges from house and techno to pop and mainstream hits, with world-renowned DJs often headlining the island's top venues.

Mykonos’ party scene has garnered widespread recognition as one of the most exclusive and glamorous in the world, with a heritage tracing back to the 1960s when many famous Athenians and artists arrived on the island. The island’s bars and clubs are regularly visited by Hollywood’s biggest stars. 

In spite of its chic reputation, one of the best things about Mykonos’ nightlife is the variety that it offers. Around every corner, you will find a completely different type of venue.

Whatever you’re into, there will be a club in Mykonos waiting for you.

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Where to go clubbing on Mykonos

When it comes to partying in Mykonos, you really can’t go wrong. The island’s main town is the beating heart of its nightlife scene but there is a wonderful array of party spots to be found all over the landmass. We have listed a few of our favourites below.

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Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is the buzzing hub of the island’s party scene as it is home to the majority of its clubs. Many can be found clustered within its picturesque streets or along its coastline. The phenomenal range of nightlife spots in the town makes it one of the best places to go out on the islet.

Tick off a Mykonos beach bar by heading to its glorious shoreline where you can watch a mesmerising sunset above the azure waters with a cocktail in hand and tunes blasting from a nearby speaker. Alternatively, head for a glamorous beverage in one of the exclusive bars in the area.

When in the mood to really get down and party on Mykonos, head to an R’n’B club or a techno rave. You’ll find huge dance floors with mood lighting, high-flying guests and sensational music. Not to mention a wide variety of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

With so many establishments on offer, it’s no wonder why this area is considered the best place to party in Mykonos.

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Little Venice

Little Venice is perfect for a more understated party experience. This idyllic area is located in the west of the island’s main town. Along with offering a gorgeous setting of whitewashed houses and a glimmering coastline, it is here you will find many of the best bars in Mykonos.

So, if you’re looking to sip the night away on a cocktail, Little Venice is the place to go. Picture yourself with a martini in hand, gazing over the azure waters of the Aegean Sea as the windmills stand tall on the horizon. 

Offering breathtaking surroundings and an air of glamour, Little Venice is one of the best places to visit in Mykonos for those looking to dip their toe into the island’s party scene.

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Partying in Mykonos

From beach-front extravaganzas to chic cocktail hidden bars, Mykonos is certainly deserving of its reputation as a party island. You’ll also find an exceptional range of luxury villas to choose from while delving into its nightlife scene.

Whether you’re heading out for a stag do, hen do or just an excuse to party, you are sure to find a glamorous villa to befit you and the rest of your group. Here at Dynamic Lives, we have a marvellous selection of properties on offer that make wonderful bases for those exploring the island’s nightlife scene. 

We have shared a few of our top picks below.

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Villa Gee

Villa Gee is one of the best places to stay in Mykonos. The stylish home sleeps twelve guests throughout its six chic bedrooms and wonderfully lends itself to groups seeking a lush patch of paradise to return to after partying it up into the early hours. From its elevated position, you can enjoy sensational views over Mykonos Town that will never leave you feeling too cut off from its bustling nightlife scene. 

Villa Gee has a lush infinity pool that stretches out onto the terrace and provides a magnificent vista over the surrounding area. The home itself offers a taste of Cycladic architecture at its finest, with fresh-white tones and grey accents.

Serving up luxury within easy reach of the main town, Villa Gee is a wonderful place to stay for those clubbing in Mykonos.

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Villa Futu

Nestled amongst the hills behind Mykonos Town, Villa Futu is another great choice for those looking to party on Mykonos. Those staying in the property are treated to incredible views over the island’s magnificent coastline, windmills and crisp-white rooftops.

Its five chic bedrooms are a picture of elegance and style and sleep up to ten lucky guests. Begin the evening with an aperitif on the front terrace, taking in the area’s beautiful natural scenery. Then, retreat indoors to get the party into motion with the help of the villa’s state-of-the-art light fixtures and sound system.

Finally, your chauffeur will take you to Mykonos Town where you can party the night away.