Best Things to Do in Ibiza
March 05, 2021

Best Things to Do in Ibiza

While Ibiza is often labelled the party capital of Europe, this captivating island has much more to offer. We could write a book about the hot spots and hidden gems to be enjoyed in Ibiza. But we’ll start with some of our favourites. Visiting Ibiza has never looked more exciting, especially with one of our luxury villas as your base.

Charter a boat

In our opinion, you haven’t truly explored Ibiza until you’ve soaked up its picture-perfect coast of Ibiza aboard a luxury yacht. With a private charter with Dynamic Lives, you’ll enjoy cruising around the white isle’s dramatic coastlines, hidden coves and private beaches. From sipping cocktails and lounging on the deck to snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing and swimming, there’s nothing quite like a day at sea. 

Visit Dalt Vila 

The Unesco world heritage site of Dalt Vila is steeped in history, offering up an atypical slice of Spanish culture. What was once one of the most important coastal cities in the Mediterranean is now an enchanting melting pot of history, hippie markets, ancient buildings and spectacular views. Plus, with plenty of welcoming eateries and bars nearby and an open-air cinema, you could easily spend a day here. 

Explore Formentera 

Often referred to as the sister island of Ibiza, Formentera is the fourth largest island in the Balearics. While it’s close to Ibiza, it’s worlds apart, offering a sense of escapism from the hustle and bustle of the island. As you approach the island by boat, you’ll be in awe of the white sands and turquoise seas surrounding the perfectly peaceful Formentera. Don’t be fooled by the relaxed vibe; you’ll find several beach clubs and eateries on the island too. 

Head to Benirrás Beach

Famed for its stunning sunsets and hippie drumming Sunday’s, the northern beach of Benirrás is well worth a visit. Nestled within a sheltered bay, Benirrás is home to soft white sands and crystal-clear water, making it a popular spot for snorkelers. Once you’re finished exploring the coastline, you’ll find three beachfront restaurants and a small beach bar to retreat to as you soak up the unspoiled views. 

If you’re planning on staying until the sun sets, on Sunday’s, you can enjoy the hippie drumming experience which kicks off around 20-minutes before the sun begins to set. 

Enjoy the undiscovered beaches 

Punta Galera 

As one of the most breathtaking sights on the island, Punta Galera is a beautiful bay surrounded by dramatic stone formations. Beneath the rocks, the welcoming azure of the Mediterranean Sea awaits, perfect for snorkelers and divers alike. 

For those lucky enough to have discovered Punta Galera, you’ll return every time you visit Ibiza. However, it’s still somewhat a hidden gem, so, you can expect plenty of space and a laidback atmosphere as you enjoy the sun-drenched location. 

Cala Tarida 

If you’re in search of the perfect family-friendly beach, the shallow waters and welcoming white sands of Cala Tarida await. Cala Tarida, which is the longest and widest beach along Ibiza’s west coast, offers something for everyone. 

From lifeguards ensuring the entire family is safe, to beach volleyball and a diving school, you won’t be short of things to do. While the beach can get pretty busy on the weekends during the height of summer, more often than not, you’ll find plenty of space for some serious family fun before you watch the sunset. 

Kick back and relax at the most exquisite beach clubs 

When it comes to beach clubs, you’re spoilt for choice in Ibiza. Whether you’re in search of relaxed vibes or a lively atmosphere, there’s something to suit everyone. Here are just two of our top picks. 

Blue Marlin 

Offering the ultimate beach club experience, Cala Jondal’s Blue Marlin beach club epitomises the very best of Ibiza’s VIP scene. As one of the most fashionable and entertaining beach clubs in the world, it’s a must-visit for the partygoers. 

Offering a day-to-night experience, as the day gets hotter, the music gets louder. By the time sunset rolls around, prime time has arrived, and the party is in full swing. 

Cotton Beach Club

Located on Cala Tarida beach, a top pick amongst families is Cotton Beach Club. By day, the venue makes for a great choice for long family lunches and sunset sessions. As you’ll enjoy the use of a private beach, the crystal-clear waters of Cotton Beach Club are free of seaweed and rocks, making it perfect for the little ones. 

The menu offers something to suit all tastes, fusing classic Mediterranean dishes with South American and Asian influences and ingredients. 

Wine and dine at the island’s most exclusive venues 

Ibiza is home to a vast array of restaurants and bars to suit everyone. From intimate beachfront restaurants to extravagant venues offering an experience to remember, there’s so much to be enjoyed. While we can’t list them all, here are some of our favourite venues. 

Amante Ibiza

If you think Amante Ibiza is beautiful by day, it’s even better as the sun goes down. Thanks to its clifftop location over the Med, the secluded cove becomes a magical drinking and dining destination that is most definitely a must-visit. With a choice of cuts of meat, fresh fish and organic ingredients hand-picked from their very own garden, the traditional Spanish menu is complemented by delicious cocktails and an extensive wine list. 

The jewel in their crown is the ultimate privacy of their ‘Amante Table’ for two, set within a Balinese hut with the benefit of your own waiter and a bespoke menu just for you. 

Casa Colonial 

Hitting at the top of a hill close to the town of Santa Eulalia, you’ll find the magnificent Casa Colonial. Since 2001, the stylish and sophisticated dining destination has been a favourite, and it’s easy to see why. Boasting an impressive gourmet menu, innovative food and drink concepts, fresh ingredients and live cooking spectacles, it’s an experience from start to finish.  


As one of the most expensive and unique restaurants in the world, Sublimotion is a truly unique experience. With just one table seating up to twelve guests, your nearest and dearest can join you on a mesmerising three-hour journey crafted to stimulate all your senses. As hot air balloons serve up treats and your table morphs into various scenery, this is a sensory experience that will stay with you a lifetime. Plus, as the food is created by chef Paco Roncero, owner of two Michelin stars, it’s safe to say it’s excellent too.

The Dynamic Lives experience 

No matter your preference, Dynamic Lives will bring you the very best things to do in Ibiza as we offer you access all areas of the highlights and hidden gems of the island. From VIP tables and boat charters to hand-picking restaurants and beach clubs, you can trust us to craft a once in a lifetime holiday for you. Are you ready to visit Ibiza Dynamic Lives style? 

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