The Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza - Where to Spend Your Evenings
May 13, 2024

The Best Sunset Spots in Ibiza - Where to Spend Your Evenings

When planning a trip to Ibiza, there’s no better way to spend your evenings here than by enjoying the exquisite landscapes surrounding the island. Plus, the incredible sunsets make it even more magical for those looking to wind down in a gorgeous setting. 

With so many wonderful sunset spots around Ibiza, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From the pretty beaches to the buzzing bars and romantic restaurants, you’ll find yourself needing more time just to see it all. Whether you’re planning a break with family, friends or your partner, watching the sunset in Ibiza is a fantastic experience for all. 

If you’re looking for some of the most amazing sunset destinations around the island, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best places to explore in Ibiza, alongside many of the hidden viewpoints for the island's stunning sunset. 

What Time is Sunset in Ibiza?

Before embracing some of the most beautiful sunset spots in Ibiza, you’ll first need to know when this remarkable sighting takes place. With varying seasons, the sunset changes throughout the year, so it's worth making a note of the different periods for your next visit. 

Summer brings temperatures of around 30°C in Ibiza, alongside lovely blue skies and plenty of sunshine. This makes it the perfect time for those seeking a relaxing break with great weather. Sunset usually takes place between 9 and 9.30 pm, an excellent choice for anyone looking for something to do after they have enjoyed an evening meal at one of the many amazing restaurants around the island. 

Winter offers cooler temperatures ranging from 7°C to 16°C and a pleasant climate. During this time, visitors can make the most of the quiet atmosphere and excellent sightseeing without the hustle and bustle. The sun also makes an appearance in winter and visitors can expect sunset to take place between 5 and 6 pm. 

Spring presents perfect outdoor and active weather with comfortable average temperatures of around 18°C. The sun is shining and the landscapes come to life as the pretty flowers bloom. Visitors can expect the sun to go down at around 8.30 pm this season, the perfect way to unwind after a long day of uncovering all the island has to offer. 

Autumn is perfect for travellers looking for lots of sunshine, fewer crowds and pleasant temperatures averaging around 23°C. With tons to see and do in Ibiza, this season provides visitors with more than enough opportunities to explore all that the island has in store. When planning a sunset excursion, you can expect the sun to disappear from around 8.30 pm at the start of the season and 6 pm towards the end. 

No matter when you decide to visit Ibiza, you’re sure to discover a ton of beautiful spots to watch as the sun sets in this lovely part of Spain. 

The Best Sunset Restaurants in Ibiza

Now you know a little more about the varying sunset times in Ibiza, let’s discover some of the best places to see this gorgeous sight. With so many wonderful locations to choose from, we’re here to help narrow down your options. Plus, what better way to enjoy a lovely sunset than by sipping on fine wines and indulging in mouthwatering cuisine? 

With this in mind, here are some of the best Ibiza sunset restaurants for your next adventure. 

La Torre, San Antonio

La Torre is a beautiful restaurant with a bohemian flare, situated in the popular resort of San Antonio. This pretty spot provides guests with a mouthwatering menu and an excellent selection of cocktails. The rocky surroundings allow for an outstanding experience for those seeking the authentic side of the island. 

With great music, a vibrant atmosphere, and magnificent surroundings, you’re sure to enjoy an evening at La Torre. What’s more, its position overlooking the shimmering sea provides an intimate setting to enjoy a romantic evening in Ibiza. Sit back and relax whilst marvelling over the lovely shades of orange and pink as the sun marks the end of another day in this stunning part of Spain. 

It’s worth noting that due to the natural beauty surrounding La Torre, alongside the excellent cuisine and buzzing atmosphere, it is quite a busy spot. With this in mind, we recommend booking in advance so that you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity. 

Sunset Ashram, Cala Conta

When looking for the best sunset in Ibiza, look no further than Sunset Ashram in the lovely area of Cala Conta. This popular restaurant provides visitors with a varied menu comprising Mediterranean, Indian and Japanese cuisine. Guests can also enjoy an exquisite selection of cocktails here, providing more than enough options for different tastes and preferences. 

Sunset Ashram is undoubtedly one of the finest spots in Cala Conta to watch the breathtaking sunset. The restaurant is surrounded by Ibiza’s stunning coastline, providing a gorgeous setting for all to enjoy. Its position next to the sea also makes it a fantastic place to sit back and watch as the sun sets as it radiates an orange cast over the settling waters. 

Cafe Mambo, Sunset Strip

If you’re seeking a lively evening on the island, there’s no better way to spend your time here than by enjoying an Ibiza sunset party and there’s no finer place than Cafe Mambo. This vibrant spot is situated on the renowned Sunset Strip in the beautiful area of San Antonio. 

Cafe Mambo is one of the most popular bars on the Sunset Strip and for good reason. Here you can enjoy plenty of delicious food, world-famous DJs, an energetic atmosphere and of course a fantastic location to watch the beautiful sunset. 

Every year tourists head to Cafe Mambo for its contagious aura and stunning surroundings. What’s more, there are things to do here all day and night with light bites and drinks available during the day and excellent nighttime entertainment once the sun goes down. 

Those planning a trip to Cafe Mambo to watch the jaw-dropping sunset will want to reserve a table in advance. The bar gets booked up fast, so you won’t want to miss out. 

Kumharas, San Antonio

Another gem among San Antonio's beach bars is the exquisite Kumharas. Renowned for its unparalleled sunset ambience in Ibiza, it offers beachside seating and bohemian embellishments. Embrace a serene atmosphere amidst cosy nooks and a laid-back vibe.

Kumharas entices visitors with its vibrant street food market, presenting a plethora of delectable options to savour while basking in the enchanting sunset.

The Best Sunset Beaches in Ibiza

Aside from the many bars and restaurants on the island, there are also some amazing beaches scattered across Ibiza. These provide a beautiful environment to watch the sunset, perfect for those looking for a quieter, intimate setting. With so many options, we’ve put some of the best sandy shores to choose from below. 

Benirras Beach, San Miguel

Just a 10-minute drive from San Miguel on the north side of the island is the beautiful Benirras Beach. This pretty spot comprises a rugged coastline with a mix of sand and pebbles. From here visitors can enjoy magnificent views out to sea, providing a quaint setting for all. 

Benirras Beach is a great spot for those looking to immerse themselves in the authentic side of Ibiza as you will find drummers playing here for crowds during the summer. Spend the day lounging on the pretty shores and wait until the sun goes down for a truly breathtaking sight. 

Cala Escondida, San Antonio

Cala Escondida is situated on the beautiful coast of Cala Conta. This lovely beach bar is known for its sustainability, bohemian aura, rustic charm and fantastic sunsets. With its authentic vibe and gentle music, a trip here provides guests with a tranquil spot to relax and unwind. 

We recommend a trip to Cala Escondida to watch the sunset as this lovely beach bar pairs its attractive aesthetic with outstanding views out to sea. This makes for one of the most romantic spots in Ibiza, great for couples in pursuit of an intimate setting on the island. 

Punta Galera, North West Ibiza

With its rugged rock formations and untouched shoreline, Punta Galera on the northwest side of Ibiza provides another amazing spot to watch the sunset on the island. Visitors go here to sunbathe, swim, and relax as the calming atmosphere allows for an unmatched setting. 

This isn’t like many of the other popular beaches in Ibiza though, you won’t find sandy shores to lounge on here, instead, visitors sit on the rocks whilst taking in the impressive views. With little amenities, we recommend packing everything you need for a day by the sea. 

Punta Galera continues to attract both locals and visitors alike with its hippie style and tranquil setting. Not only does this make for an excellent location to watch Ibiza’s impressive sunset, but it also allows you to experience a different side of the island.

The Best Sites to Watch the Sunset in Ibiza

If you’d prefer to spend your time exploring Ibiza and all of the wonderful places around the island, there are more than enough options for an evening watching the sunset. Here are some of the favoured sites to catch a glimpse of pretty colours as the days come to a close. 

Las Salinas, Playa d'en Bossa

Las Salinas is one of the best places in Ibiza with the perfect blend of the islands natural beauty and outstanding sunsets. Watch as the sun goes down and reflects magical colours of pink, purple and orange over the water. 

Enjoy a stroll around Las Salinas where you can admire the impressive salt flats and surrounding peaks. If you’re looking to experience the wild side of Ibiza, there’s no better place to enjoy an evening watching the sunset than Las Salinas. 

Es Vedra Rock, Cala d’Hort

One of the best Ibiza viewpoints is the breathtaking Es Vedra Rock in Cala d’Hort. Here you will discover a place surrounded by utter tranquillity and endless natural beauty. It not only provides visitors with amazing views out to sea and beyond but is also known for being one of the best places for watching the sunset in Ibiza. 

There are plenty of spots to catch a glimpse of Es Vedra, including the Mirador viewpoint in Cala d’Hort, and various locations around Cala Conta and Cala Carbo. Each area offers a unique sighting of this breathtaking rock formation and the pretty sunset that accompanies it every evening. 


With so many incredible places to marvel over the pretty sunset, you’re sure to find somewhere for all in Ibiza. Whether you’d like to spend some time at the pristine beaches or would rather immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of some of the buzzing beach bars around the island, a trip to this lovely part of Spain never disappoints. 

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