A Guide to the Best Spas in Ibiza
June 12, 2024

A Guide to the Best Spas in Ibiza

Ibiza is a travel destination that has become synonymous with wellness. It’s an island with absolutely stunning natural beauty, so it’s no surprise that so many visitors decide to come to Ibiza to relax and indulge in gorgeous surroundings, disconnecting from the everyday pace of life and reconnecting with themselves.

The wellness offering on Ibiza has always been rooted in luxury experiences, so when it comes to spas on the island, the options are extensive and very impressive. Many offer experiences far beyond typical spa circuits and beauty treatments, allowing guests to benefit from innovative pampering techniques, sustainable relaxation experiences and wellness activities that are uniquely inspired by Ibiza’s energy.

If you’re planning a luxury trip to Ibiza then a spa day is one of the best ways to indulge and relax whilst you’re on the island. In this article, we share our recommendations for some of the best spas in Ibiza, as well as sharing how our guests can experience an Ibizan spa day without having to leave their villas.

An Ibiza Spa Day at Home

Before we launch into our recommendations for some of the best spas in Ibiza to visit for a day of relaxation, we wanted to share an even better option for guests seeking the ultimate wellness experience. When you book one of Dynamic Lives’ luxury villas, we can organise an Ibiza spa day that comes to you, creating a spa experience in the comfort of your holiday villa.

Our team can organise all kinds of treatments for guests, from massages and facials to manicures and other beauty treatments. We’ll create a serene and tranquil environment in your villa and source treatments from the best wellness practitioners on the island, ensuring the best possible experience.

These spa days at home are great for a range of occasions, whether you want a romantic evening of relaxation with your partner, or you’re looking to get pampered the day before a big celebration. Or perhaps you’re enjoying the privacy and peace of your luxury villa, and don’t want to have to venture elsewhere in order to treat yourself.

Visit our Spa and Wellbeing page to find out more about what our concierge team can arrange for you.

The 10 Best Spas in Ibiza

If you’re planning a vacation to Ibiza and want to treat yourself to a spa trip, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from around the island. To help narrow your search, here are our recommendations for ten of the best spas in Ibiza.

Six Senses Spa, Six Senses Resort

The Six Senses Resort in the north of Ibiza is a travel destination synonymous with wellness, so it’s no surprise that their spa comes top of our list of where to visit on the island. Spread across over 1,200 square metres, it’s an elegant and stylish oasis of calm with a range of different treatments and experiences on offer for guests.

With an innovative approach to wellness that combines technology with luxury, you can enjoy everything from oxygen therapy and cryotherapy to classic massages and yoga classes, as well as making use of the spa circuit. The location offers views of the ocean, and there’s also an organic garden where ingredients are grown to be used both in natural treatments and items on the Alchemy Bar menu.

Six Senses is undoubtedly one of the best spas in Ibiza that is perfect for the ultimate spa day. With world-leading treatments and world-class practitioners, you’ll only experience the best whilst you’re here.

Open Spa, Ibiza Gran Hotel

Ibiza Gran Hotel is one of the best five-star places to stay on the island, providing an all-round luxury experience in the Talamanca resort area on the south coast. Open Spa is a contemporary wellness space with four different areas, each dedicated to a different aspect of the spa experience.

As well as beauty and wellness treatments, an outdoor terrace and a gym, a highlight of Open Spa is the hydrotherapy spa circuit, which offers the best of this kind of experience out of all the Ibiza spas. Enjoy hydromassage pools, a sauna, a contrast path, a hammam, counter-current swimming and an ice lounge, and let the water fully relax you as you explore the circuit.

Revival Spa, Aguas de Ibiza

The largest spa in Ibiza is found in Aguas de Ibiza in Santa Eulalia, located in the hotel’s basement and centred around treatments from the Clarins skincare brand. Revival Spa’s design was inspired by nature

and many of the treatments make the most of sustainable products and procedures, so it’s a great choice for visitors seeking an eco-luxury experience.

Elegant and serene, Revival Spa is spread across over 1500 square metres and features three swimming pools and a spa circuit with a sauna, experience showers, a hammam, a Roman bath and a solarium. The Clarins treatment menu is extensive, and you can also tend to your physical health by taking part in daily classes, using the gym or booking a session with a personal trainer.

Atzaró Spa

For the ultimate wellness experience that feels infused with nature at every moment, Atzaró Spa in the Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel estate is a fantastic choice. Set in the estate’s gardens and housed in a building designed to look like a Balinese temple, it’s one of the most unique and luxurious Ibiza spas that allows guests to wander through orange groves and swim in an outdoor, freshwater pool during their visit.

Your experience at Atzaró Spa will feel in tune with nature for your whole visit, with many of the treatments making use of ingredients grown in the estate’s garden. Therapists at the spa offer both Western and oriental treatments and experiences for guests, and there are also classic facilities like a sauna and a hammam as well as an extensive schedule of gym, yoga and meditation sessions for guests and visitors.

La Posidonia Spa, Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

If you’re looking to visit one of the most uniquely beautiful spas in Ibiza, look no further than La Posidonia. The highlight of this spa is the ‘Cascadas Suspendidas’ which consist of eight saltwater waterfall pools built down the side of the cliff and offers hydro massages alongside the thalassotherapy with incredible views of the ocean.

The Cascadas Suspendidas is what many people come to La Posidonia Spa, but there’s also a range of other wellness experiences such as massages and beauty treatments. The spa is part of Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel which is known as one of the most luxurious places to stay in Ibiza, so it’s well worth enjoying a meal after your spa day to make the most of the incredible dining experiences on offer.

Rock Spa, Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel in Playa d'en Bossa is well-known on the island, but there’s more on offer than just a great place to stay to enjoy the nightlife in Ibiza. With indoor and outdoor areas to help guests relax and restore themselves, Rock Spa is one of the best spas in Ibiza that has the unique feature of offering treatments that utilise music as part of the process.

From massages synced with specially composed songs to using vibration to smooth and awaken your skin, the Rhythm and Motion treatments at this Ibiza spa are great for guests seeking something different from their wellness experience. For the ultimate luxurious spa day, you can book a private spa suite to enjoy your treatments in peace and make the most of an exclusive outdoor terrace and pool.

Pure Seven Spa, 7Pines Resort

Every experience at Pure Seven Spa is designed to reconnect your body and your mind, so it’s one of the best Ibiza spas if you’re in need of relaxing, disconnecting and feeling more grounded. Part of the luxurious 7Pines Resort on the west coast of the island, it’s a luxurious haven with views of the sea, sky and surrounding pine trees where treatments and experiences are all inspired by the Mediterranean way of life.

As with many of the spas in Ibiza, Pure Seven makes use of natural and local ingredients in plenty of its treatments, and its glass-fronted design and clifftop position encourage guests to connect with the outdoors with a stunning view of Es Vedrà. As well as treatments and spa facilities, Pure Seven also offers wellness experiences focused on fitness, with yoga and meditation classes, outdoor workouts and even guided hikes, runs and snorkelling sessions.

Prestige Spa Ibiza, Insotel Fenicia Prestige

Prestige Spa at Insotel Fenicia Prestige in Santa Eulària is spread across three areas that cover 1200 square metres, so you’ve got plenty of space to explore and relax during your visit. The menu of treatments and beauty services is extensive, and the spa circuit itself features both an indoor and an outdoor pool, herbal and salt steam rooms, sensation showers and a laconium. It’s one of the best Ibiza spas on the east coast that is perfect for a fully sensory experience.

Stic Urban Spa

If you’re seeking an Ibiza spa day with a contemporary feel, Stic Urban Spa in San Antonio is a modern and trendy spa option for a day of relaxation. With cutting-edge facilities and treatments that make the most of leading wellness and beauty techniques, this hotel spa is a great option on the north coast of the island. With a pool, sauna, hammam, bubble volcanoes, a plunge pool and sensory showers, the spa itself is a lovely place to relax before or after a treatment.

Beldon Wellness, BLESS Hotel

With design inspiration coming directly from the countryside and rural landscapes around Ibiza, Beldon Wellness at BLESS Hotel in Cala Nova is an incredibly stylish and peaceful option for an Ibiza spa day. A hammam, solarium, jacuzzi, dynamic pool, cool pool and sauna complete the classic water circuit, whilst the treatment menu includes a variety of massages, facials and beauty care. You can also book a yoga or pilates class during your visit, as well as private fitness sessions with a personal trainer.


From sustainable spas to luxurious wellness centres, Ibiza really has it all when it comes to spa options. It’s one of the best places in the Mediterranean to make the most of all kinds of high-end facilities and enjoy treatments from cutting-edge professionals, so we really recommend booking a visit to one of the spas on our list during your stay.

Alternatively, bring the spa experience to your villa when you stay with Dynamic Lives and enjoy the chance to relax and unwind without having to step outside. Find out more about our spa and wellbeing concierge services on our website, or get in touch to speak directly to the team about the kind of spa day you’d like to organise.

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