Luxury in Ibiza: A Guide to North & South
March 21, 2018

Luxury in Ibiza: A Guide to North & South

For a Luxurious Villa Holiday that will satisfy all of the senses, Ibiza is the perfect balance between authentic Spanish appeal and chic European nightlife. The island can be divided into north and south regions; both of which have their own charm and beauty. Rent an exclusive rural villa in the north or opt for a stylish clifftop property on the south coast and experience the richness of Ibiza in your own blissfully private setting. For explorers seeking luxury and comfort, Ibiza has it all. From designer villas to elite dining experiences and breath-taking natural beauty, this glorious island is the perfect getaway for pleasure-seekers. We’ve brought together a guide to the North and South of the island, with all the details to help you choose where to stay.


Due North

sant-miquel (1)

The north of the island is renowned for its stunning panoramic views and is close to the original Ibiza of the 1960s. Its gorgeous scenery and laid-back bohemian ambience makes it a superb place to unwind in amongst the rolling hills and vineyards. Visitors who have previously opted for a trip to the fabulous beaches in the south are now tempted by the north, where modern villas and sophisticated beach front restaurants are blossoming. Relax with an indulgent lunch at a waterfront bar, taste fine local wines at one of the fabulous northern vineyards and enjoy evening strolls among the olive trees beneath the sensational Ibiza sunset. Holidays are meant for pampering and indulgence: nourish yourself at one of the tranquil retreats and spas, and tuck in to a delicious meal at one of the north’s fabulous fine dining restaurants.

Finca Imo Luxury Villa Ibiza (127)-w1800-h950

Renting in the north of Ibiza has fabulous benefits: a luxury villa, such as the Villa Rura and the Villa Imo, on this side of the island is intensely private, with stunning panoramic views, sprawling pool terraces, and party-perfect outdoor dining areas, so you can enjoy the perfect holiday in peace and pure comfort.The north of Ibiza boasts a fresh new road infrastructure which makes it easier to get around, but there is less traffic than the more bustling south - perfect for those wanting a quiet and healthful retreat.

Villa Rura (4)

Southern Gems


Ibiza’s south-west side offers the buzz and excitement the illustrious island is famed for: rent a property here as the perfect base from which to explore the cosmopolitan hotspots of the area. Ibiza is renowned for its glorious cultural sites as much as its party scene. Ramble through the Phoenician Ruins by Sa Caleta, indulge in some retail therapy at one of the well-curated boutiques, or wine and dine at one of the island’s exquisite restaurants, and keep a keen eye out for the beautiful flamingos that often roam and nest in the shallow waters around the coast. When renting on the south of the island, you can choose between stunning seafront properties, or sprawling villas further inland. A luxury cliffside abode in Cala Jondal will not only give you majestic views of the shoreline, but you can enjoy your retreat in style with exclusive private catering, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis and all the facilities you need to feel at home on the island. Further inland, your luxury villa will have even more private space for you to enjoy. Bask in the sublime Ibiza sunshine with your own private tennis court, multiple exclusive dining areas, outdoor kitchen, private gym and sauna - everything you need for an exquisite holiday in Ibiza.


Pool & View from Villa Sarita, Sant Josep, Ibiza

There is private home perfection to be found in both the north and south sides of Ibiza. Whether you choose the evocative charm of the north, or the alluring buzz of the south, the island is studded with gorgeous Ibiza villas to give you the dreamy holiday experience you deserve. Relax and unwind under the golden Ibiza sun and enjoy the perfect home away from home.

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