Ibiza in March: Embrace the Captivating Blend of Sun and Tranquility
August 15, 2023

Ibiza in March: Embrace the Captivating Blend of Sun and Tranquility

Ibiza starts to say goodbye to its winter weather in March, as the sun makes more of a permanent appearance above the island and temperatures start to climb towards the summer heat. The atmosphere is peaceful and the climate is mild, making this an ideal time of year to visit if you’re seeking a tranquil break on the beautiful ‘white island’.

Visiting Ibiza in the off-season is also a great choice for travellers that want to make the most of the island’s hiking and cycling opportunities, as the weather is great for active pursuits. Whether you’re admiring the scenery from viewpoints, finding unexpected treasures at flea markets or simply making the most of relaxing in a villa on the coast, holidays to Ibiza in March have a lot to offer a wide range of guests.

The Weather in Ibiza in March

March marks the end of winter and the start of spring in Ibiza, which means temperatures begin to rise and conditions become more favourable for spending time outdoors. The weather in Ibiza in March is still quite mild, but you can expect a fair amount of sunshine and some days which will feel relatively warm.

The average temperature in Ibiza in March is between 13°C and 15°C, which will feel warm when you’re in the sunshine. Temperatures can reach up to 18°C, but will also fall to 9°C or 10°C in the evenings, so you’ll need to bring a warm layer to wear if you’ll still be out and about when it’s dark.

There is an average of seven days of rain in Ibiza in March, so you’re more likely to get dry weather than have your holiday interrupted by rain showers. However, the chance of overcast weather in March in Ibiza is moderate, with sunshine making an appearance just over half of the days of the month.

Whilst the weather in Ibiza in March does start to get warmer than it has been over the winter, the sea temperature still stays around 15°C. This will feel very cold if you decide to dip your toe in, so swimming isn’t recommended unless you’re used to low temperatures!

Festivals and Events

A couple of annual events take place in March in Ibiza that are celebrated across Spain or the Balearic Islands, allowing visitors to experience authentic culture during their stay. It’s also the last month of one of the island’s major food festivals, which is great news for travellers that like to experience exceptional gastronomy when they’re in new places.

Day of the Balearic Islands

The Day of the Balearic Islands, or Día de les Illes Balears, is a public holiday in the Balearic Islands that commemorates the day that the islands received autonomy on the 1st of March in 1983. The holiday is marked in Ibiza with a parade, performances with traditional music and dance, and usually a speech from the island’s president. Since it’s a public holiday, you can expect a lot of shops and restaurants to be closed.

Saint Joseph's Day

Saint Joseph's Day, or Festivities of San José, is celebrated on the 19th of June in Ibiza. The main celebrations take place in the village of San Josep where there’s a dedicated church service to the saint and often performances of traditional dance and music. Father’s Day is also celebrated on the 19th of June in Spain, so many families will also get together to mark this occasion.

Patrimoni Gastronomic Food Festival

The Patrimoni Gastronomic Food Festival is a very popular culinary festival that is held in the centre of Ibiza in January, February and March. Celebrating the diversity of food on the island and the talent of local chefs, it involves a selection of restaurants putting together exclusive menus that are judged throughout the festival. It’s a fantastic way to sample some of the best dishes on the island and comes to its conclusion at the end of March.


The Christian celebration of Easter often falls in April, but because the dates change each year, it may take place at the end of March. Holy Week, or Semana Santa, takes place in the lead-up to Easter Sunday, and in the larger towns around Ibiza, there may be parades and special church services to mark the occasion. 

The Best Places to Visit in Ibiza in March

There aren’t large crowds of tourists anywhere in Ibiza in March, which means you have complete freedom when it comes to choosing where you want to visit without having to worry about queues or crowds. Here are some of our top picks for where to go in March.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is one of the most popular attractions in Ibiza Town, making it a fantastic place to visit in the off-season on the island. It’s the old quarter of the town that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and includes the remains of a fortified wall and the beautiful Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves.

The best way to experience Dalt Vila is to wander around the narrow streets, visit the little shops and cafes and enjoy stumbling across the squares, mismatched buildings and views of the rest of the town as they come to you. There are also official routes around the neighbourhood with maps available when you enter it, helping you to navigate this iconic part of the island.

Cala Codolar

If you’re really lucky, you might get weather in Ibiza in March that is warm enough to spend a day on the beach. But even if temperatures are on the cooler side, the beauty of Ibiza’s coastline is still certainly worth exploring, especially as many of its most popular beaches will be pretty empty. 

Cala Codolar is a well-known beach on the southwest coast of the island that is small, sheltered and very pretty. If you climb to the top of the cliffs overlooking the beach, you’ll also be able to catch sight of the rock formation known as Es Verda, which is an iconic site on the island.

Visiting Cala Codalor also means that you can take a trip to the outdoor art installation that has been nicknamed ‘Stone Henge’. Arranged in a semi-circle on the top of a cliff near the beach stand thirteen stone columns, one of which is gilded at the top, creating a dramatic and almost other-worldly monument. It was commissioned by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil, and created by the Australian artist Andrew Rogers.

The Best Things to Do in Ibiza in March

When you visit Ibiza in March, you’ll have a lot of the island to yourself without too many other tourists around. It’s a great time of year to enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about getting too hot in the sun or to mingle with the locals and enjoy cultural attractions around the island.

Here are some of our top picks for the best things to do in Ibiza in March.

Hike up Sa Talaia

The weather in March in Ibiza offers great conditions for hiking, especially if you choose a sunny day when you’ll be able to admire views across the island. Sa Talaia is the highest point in Ibiza, located on the south of the island, and is a great spot for a day of walking.

There are several different trails around the peak and if you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with incredible views of the surrounding area, which includes the Salines salt pans. It’s not a long hike to the top, but it can be steep in parts, so make sure you bring suitable shoes and plenty of water if it’s going to be sunny.

Take a Day Trip to Formentera

If you’re staying in Ibiza on a longer holiday and want to explore more of the Balearic islands, a great way to spend the day is to take a trip to nearby Formentera. Less than an hour’s boat ride away, this small island is just as beautiful as Ibiza but slightly more rugged, which is brilliant if you’re on the hunt for particularly stunning scenery.

There are year-round ferry services from Ibiza Town to La Savina in Formentera, letting you sail over in the morning and spend the day on the island before catching the boat back home. Whilst it’s unlikely to be optimal beach weather, Formentera has a famously beautiful coast that can still be enjoyed with a sandy stroll. It’s also home to a couple of charming villages, which offer a great opportunity to sample local food and relax amongst the locals.

Visit Sant Jordi Market

Ibiza is famous for its ‘hippie markets’ which are held all over the island and include a wide range of second-hand items, local crafts, produce and gifts. Sant Jordi Market, or the Mercadillo Sant Jordi, is a popular market that is held at the Sant Jordi racetrack, which is just outside of Ibiza Town.

This market takes place every Saturday from 8am - 3pm and is a huge collection of sellers offering a range of second-hand clothes and other items. It’s easy to spend several hours combing through the different products on offer to look for vintage gems or charming and unique pieces to decorate your home with.

There’s a bar serving food and drinks at the entrance to the racetrack, so you can easily spend half a day at the market browsing the stalls and sitting down to refuel.


How warm is Ibiza in March?

March is right at the start of spring in Ibiza, so the weather is starting to warm up. You can expect average daily temperatures of 13°C, with highs sometimes reaching 17°C - 20°C, which will feel relatively warm without getting too hot.

What is Ibiza like in March?

March is part of the off-season for tourism in Ibiza, so the island will still feel relatively quiet and peaceful at this time of year. The mild and relatively dry weather makes Ibiza a great spot for outdoor activities, and whilst you shouldn’t expect the party atmosphere the island is known for in the summer, there’s still plenty on offer to visitors arriving in the spring.

Is Ibiza busy in March?

March is considered to be one of the least busy months of the year in Ibiza, as the weather isn’t hot enough to attract tourists to the beaches and the start of the party season is still a couple of months away. This makes it an ideal time to visit the island if you want to enjoy it without interruption and get a more authentic impression of the towns and villages. 


Whilst the Ibiza nightlife in March can’t really compete with the event schedules of the summer, the island is still certainly worth a visit at the start of spring. Enjoy warmer temperatures than most other European destinations, undisturbed sightseeing and incredible unspoilt scenery, and make the most of Ibiza’s tranquillity as you enjoy its authentic atmosphere.

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