Food and Cuisine in Mallorca, Spain

Food and Cuisine in Mallorca, Spain

Built upon a rich culinary heritage and long-standing traditions, Mallorca is a thriving gastronomic destination in the heart of the Mediterranean.

From traditional dishes stemming from decades of Mallorcan heritage to innovative recipes incorporating a modern twist, Mallorca’s flavour palette is truly unique. Its restaurant scene has also flourished in recent years and a range of traditional venues and more upmarket delicacies are now on offer.

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A Guide to Food in Mallorca

As the largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain, Mallorca has embraced the origins and originality of Spanish cuisine whilst equally developing its own unique culinary identity as a result of being segregated from the mainland.

If there’s one thing that Mallorcan cuisine is built on, it's traditional recipes. Passed down from generation to generation, these recipes have stood the test of time and incorporate the very best of local produce to create the island’s unique Mediterranean style of cooking and most-loved dishes. 

Mallorcan cuisine primarily encompasses three main foods; fish, vegetables, and pork. Other ingredients including salt, lemons, and olives are also often included in dishes. All of these products are either grown on or sourced from around the island, displaying just how grounded Mallorcan cuisine is in the local landscapes.

The island’s rich history and heritage also means its flavours and recipes have been influenced by the likes of ancient civilisations, including the Romans and the Greeks, which has only further matured and added to the originality of its cuisine. 

The island takes after the typical Spanish lifestyle in that lunch is typically eaten later in the afternoon, usually between 1 and 3 pm, and dinner is not served until after 7:30 pm in the evening, with many restaurants and cafes not opening their doors until around this time.

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What to Eat in Mallorca

There are numerous delectable dishes in Mallorca that best showcase the rich flavour palette of the island. Below, we’ve placed the spotlight on a few of our favourites.

Type of food, canapes and wine

Arroz Brut

Arroz Brut is an authentic rice stew, or casserole, and is a staple Mallorcan delicacy. Originally constituting offal and blood, giving it its name which translates to ‘dirty rice’, the dish is now composed of meat, tomatoes, and vegetables. It’s a heartwarming meal that is eaten throughout the year and is one of the island’s most traditional.


A cured pork sausage, sobrasada is primarily composed of different cuts of pork, salt, and paprika, the latter of which gives it its distinct red colour. The traditional meat dish is normally spread out toast, much like pâté, alongside local honey or cheese.


Coca Mallorquina

Coca Mallorquina is a traditional Mallorcan red pepper tart that combines delicious homemade dough with juicy roasted peppers, olive oil, and seasonings. Simple and timeless, it’s a firm favourite amongst locals for its straightforward deliciousness.


Tumbet incorporates hearty, local, and cheap ingredients and dates back to the 16th century. Made of peppers, tomato, potatoes, and aubergine, it’s often likened to ratatouille and you’ll find it in nearly every eatery on the island as a side or main dish.


Ensamaida is a pastry made of flour, eggs, lard, and water. It’s a simple treat traditionally eaten for breakfast, snack, or dessert and has a distinct coil shape. Served with powdered sugar, a hot beverage, or even ice cream, it's a classic.

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Where to Eat in Mallorca

When it comes to choosing the best locations to experience the very best of authentic Mallorcan cuisine, there are a number of settlements on the island that we think showcase the traditional eats and developing gastronomic scene.

Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa

As one of Mallorca’s most popular seaside resorts, the town of Puerto Pollensa has developed a thriving culinary scene. This seafront settlement offers everything from upmarket establishments serving modern takes on traditional recipes to quintessential Mallorcan tavernas cooking hearty and authentic eats. 

The beachfront promenade, known as the Pine Walk, is a centre of gastronomic activity in Puerto Pollensa. Here, there are ample eateries all serving up a range of cuisines, including Mallorcan, to patrons looking to sample diverse flavours whilst savouring unrivalled seafront views.

Alcuida Town


Food-lovers visiting Mallorca must take a visit to Alcudia, which is situated close to Puerto Pollensa in the north of the island. This historic town is home to a breadth of restaurants serving award-winning dishes that have won Michelin stars and have been family-run by locals for generations, offering diversity for those looking to sample every take on the local cuisine. 

In the walled confines of the historic old town of Alcudia, many traditional eateries and authentic Mallorcan restaurants are nestled in its back alleys and charming cobblestone streets. They each offer a typical Mallorcan atmosphere and unrivalled traditional cuisine and are some of the best eateries to get a true taste of the island.

Where to Stay to Experience the Best Food in Mallorca

Authentic Mallorcan cuisine is always close by during a stay on the island. But if you want to make sure delectable eats and a range of lovely restaurants are never far from you, we’ve recommended some of our most suitable luxury stays for your next gastronomic getaway.

Villa Cielos Mallorca

Villa Cielos

An unrivalled luxury property situated between the bay of Pollensa, where Puerto Pollensa is located, and Alcudia, Villa Cielos sleeps 16 guests across 8 bedrooms. 

This property is considered to be one of the most sophisticated in the Balearic islands and has a number of exclusive features that speak for this. These include the opulent spa with a Turkish bath, jacuzzi, and swimming pools, as well as terraced gardens, and a tennis court to keep all members of your party entertained when you’re not out sampling the very best of Mallorcan cuisine.

Casa Baixen Mallorca Selva

Casa Baixen

Casa Baixen is a beautiful 5-bedroom, 10-person villa situated in the heart of north Mallorca’s countryside. It offers breathtaking views over Alcudia Bay, with Alcudia only being a short drive away, as well as 20 hectares of surrounding vineyards, forest, and Mediterranean gardens. 

Highlights include the outdoor pool, alfresco dining space, tennis court, and pool table, offering a stay with everything guests could want and need. The large kitchen, and outdoor BBQ, are also ideal for groups looking to try their hand at creating local Mallorcan cuisine themselves.