Mallorca Tours and Excursions

Mallorca Tours and Excursions

One of the outstanding aspects of our bespoke holidays in Mallorca are the exclusive tours and excursions that we can arrange for our guests. Let us take charge of your itinerary and simply enjoy the range of activities and experiences our dedicated concierge team plan for your trip.

An unforgettable way to see Mallorca is from the air on a hot air balloon ride over the sky from Manacor. Enjoy the incredible views at sunrise or sunset with plenty of space in the basket, champagne onboard and an unbeatable feeling of freedom, flying over villages with a bird's eye view and towering mountains at high altitude.

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Tours and Excursions in Mallorca

Mallorca is often called a cyclist’s paradise, so another popular excursion is a bicycle tour around the island. Experience one of the best cycling destinations in Europe in comfort at your own pace and enjoy the ultimate mixture of small Mallorcan villages, vast sandy beaches and vibrant resorts as you pedal along a variety of terrain in the warm, Mediterranean weather.

The island’s terrain is also ideal for hiking, so if you’d like to explore Mallorca on foot then we can organise a tour around the rugged lunar landscapes, hibiscus-scented lookouts and dreamy little villages. Mallorca is popular for its great beaches and wild nightlife, but away from the busy tourist spots, you can find a quieter, more idyllic side to the island as you traverse the landscape on foot.

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