Discover Mallorca Travel Guide

Discover Mallorca Travel Guide

Mallorca has been a pioneering European island holiday destination for decades. This Balearic beauty offers its visitors a mix of fascinating culture, exceptional gastronomy, and breathtaking shorelines which intrigue and entrance those from all over the world.

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Discover Mallorca Travel Guide

As the largest of the Balearic Islands, nestled off the east coastline of Spain, Mallorca has always been popular amongst travellers who seek to sample a little bit of everything; from abundant beaches to natural wonders and settlements that ooze authentic Balearic culture and heritage.

For these reasons alone, offering stays across the island of Mallorca became one of our missions here at Dynamic Lives. Our team of experts are thrilled to be able to share the island's more phenomenal and popular locations in this Mallorca guide, perfect for everyone in search of a holiday on the island.


The Best Places to Stay in Mallorca

Travelling to Mallorca promises a wealth of spectacular destinations in which visitors can indulge in the varied landscapes and unique towns and cities of this Balearic gem. The island is home to an exceptional range of villas and fincas to offer an indulgent ‘home away from home’ as you explore the extent of the beauty that Mallorca has to offer.

Whether you’re visiting the island with friends, family, or your significant other, our experts have shared their insight on the best destinations, and locations, to visit and stay in when you next visit Mallorca.


Where to stay in Mallorca for Couples and Honeymoons


Situated in northern Mallorca, Alcudia is a small town nestled along the northern coastline of the island. For couples, especially those on their honeymoon, Alcudia offers a small portion of everything that Mallorca does best and is most well-known for. This makes it an excellent destination for couples looking to celebrate the start of the rest of their lives together, or who are simply on a break, to connect. 

Alcudia is known for its rich history and heritage, which is evident in its exceptional old town centre and old-age landmarks. Couples can stroll through the charming cobblestone streets of this area and relish the beautiful surroundings together for a romantic experience. 

Equally, Alcudia is known for being home to some of the most desirable stretches of shoreline on the north of the island. It has its own bay, which features on many beach-loving travellers’ lists long before they touch down in this couple’s paradise. Its sandy swathe of shoreline is not to be missed for couples  who want to simply watch the world go by or stroll along as the sun sets.

And, of course, there’s nothing quite as romantic as meandering through the vines of a local vineyard sharing a glass of crisp wine. Alcudia is in a prime location to visit the best of Mallorca’s vineyards, where visitors can learn of the history of wine production in the region and newlyweds can raise a glass to their recent tying of the knot. 

For the ideal couples or honeymoon retreat, Casa Dalto is a perfect example of one of the most romantic stays on the island. Within 20 hectares of vineyards, Mediterranean gardens, and forests, couples can ensure the utmost privacy is maintained, allowing you to give your undivided attention to your significant other. 

With breathtaking 360-degree views of both the towering Tramuntana Mountains and Alcudia Bay, you remain in the centre of one of the most picturesque regions on the island. And romance is oozing from this property in its Mediterranean and Italian design, as well as its spacious outdoor deck, swimming pool, and garden.


Where to stay in Mallorca for Partying


Mallorca has developed a reputation in particular for its clubbing and partying scene. And one destination which offers one of the most lively nightlife experiences is Magaluf. 

This popular holiday resort is home to a variety of nightclubs, discos and bars that serve visitors and locals alike, on the condition that you’re looking for an eventful and memorable night out. 

Those who have visited Magaluf before know of its streets lined with bars and clubs offering electric atmospheres, live music, and ample opportunity to dance the night away. This, alongside Magaluf’s world-renowned status as a vibrant clubbing scene, has secured its spot at the top of our list of recommendations for party destinations. 

For those looking to keep the party going at all times, particularly if hosting a hen or stag do, the eye-catching Villa Cala Llamp is situated roughly 20 minutes away from Magaluf, offering an optimal position to hit the town whenever you please. 

Hosting up to 12 guests across 6 bedrooms, the star of the show at this property is its sizable infinity pool and spacious outdoor patio, with seating, for socialising and entertaining. There’s plenty of space indoors too, with the large kitchen-dining room and living space, as well as its very own wine cellar for when raising a glass to your holiday or a special occasion is necessary.

Port D’Andratx

For a more laid-back partying experience that offers trendiness and luxury, the Port D’Andratx caters to you. As an exclusive harbour and seafront location in the south of Mallorca, it offers beauty alongside more up-market establishments for those who savour the finer things in life. 

Villa Mimi is a splendid option for those looking to stay within close proximity of one of Mallorca’s best party locations, without having to sacrifice luxury. The 6-bedroom villa, which sleeps up to 12 guests, offers an unrivalled location on the coast of Mallorca above Port de Andratx, with exquisite views over the seafront and mountainous landscapes. 

The decking space, balcony, and terrace give groups plenty of room to socialise, and the open-plan design of the property means entertaining is made all the easier.


Where to Stay in Mallorca for Families

Sa Pobla

Sa Pobla is an increasingly popular inland settlement in the north-central region of Mallorca. It is located directly on the motorway between Palma de Mallorca and Alcudia, making it an accessible location that is within easy reach of Mallorca’s other fantastic settlements and attractions for excursions and day trips. 

Sa Pobla is known for its agriculture, and so offers lovely scenic landscapes in which families who love nature will be in their element. Nearby, the Albufera Nature Reserve is a tranquil area ideal for wildlife watching and hikes to connect as a family in the outdoors. 

The town itself is also home to history in its local landmarks, as well as plenty of eateries and establishments to explore and indulge in at your leisure.

For families, Casa Baixen is a fantastic 10-person, 5-bedroom villa. Situated in a vineyard, as well as Mediterranean gardens and forest, it’s a beautiful property boasting its own tennis court and pool to keep all members of your party entertained. 

The open-plan living-dining space, large outdoor deck, and balcony are also amazing for entertaining and socialising as a group, or separately.



What Are The Best Things to Do in Mallorca?

Go Wine Tasting

Wine lovers and connoisseurs alike will appreciate Mallorca’s opportunities to savour local Mediterranean wines, which are some of the best in Europe. The area of Binissalem is home to a number of wineries which tourists can visit to taste the flavours of Mallorca and revel in the ambience of this charming rural location.

Visit The Alfabia Gardens

Dating back to the 13th century, Alfabia Gardens is a beautiful haven of flora and fauna in the heart of Mallorca. Set beneath the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain Range, it’s a treat for all of the senses, with aromas of local plants, colourful flowers in full bloom, and the tweeting of birds echoing throughout its surroundings creating a tranquil natural escape.

Take to The Sea

Why not take in Mallorca from a new perspective? By chartering your own private vessel, which our team at Dynamic Lives are able to arrange for you, you can savour the very best of the island’s coastal landscapes as you cruise the bright blue Mediterranean that borders its edges. 

This way, you can spy secluded coastal spots and hidden beaches, and even try your hand at watersports and activities to experience another, equally splendid side of the island.

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Where are the Best Beaches in Mallorca?

Port de Soller

If there’s one characteristic for which Mallorca excels, it would be its beaches. These golden stretches that meet the gleaming Mediterranean Sea are enough to make anyone fall head over heels for the island.

Port de Soller, a beach town, offers the only sandy stretches along the island’s west coast. The two beaches nestled along its crescent-shaped bay boast golden sands and tranquil coastlines, ideal for all ages to take a dip in the Mediterranean and relax beside its shorelines. Situated right in the heart of the town, it makes for a convenient beach location in which everything you could want is always within easy reach.

Finca Solas is situated only a stone’s throw away from Port de Soller in the breathtaking Soller Valley. This 9-bedroom traditional stone country house, hosting up to 18 guests, is hidden by rows of olive groves, creating its own secluded natural oasis. 

Guests can expect an outdoor pool, surrounded by an eruption of verdant wildlife maximising peace and relaxation, as well as a gym and tennis court, for optimal activities when not discovering the neighbouring coastal landscapes.

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How Many Days Should You Stay in Mallorca?

A week spent in Mallorca offers the chance to take your holiday at a leisurely pace. The island itself is very accessible, either by car or by public transport, and has a wealth of settlements, attractions, and breathtaking landscapes that we’d advise you to discover on your next trip. 

Therefore, this time period also allows for you to integrate visiting the sights and scenes that are of most interest to you, whilst equally prioritising relaxation during your trip.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Mallorca?

The popularity of Mallorca as a European island paradise means that tourism peaks during the summer months. This time of year is also when Mallorca has its best weather, meaning visitors can make the most of its landscapes, coastlines, and settlements whilst they’re at their best. 

However, this means you’ll have to share the best of Mallorca with more people. If you don’t mind this in order to make the most of Mallorca’s best weather period, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if hot weather is not essential for you, and you don’t mind visiting Mallorca at a milder time of year to beat the crowds, travelling in the off-season might be best.

Springtime is a good compromise for travellers wanting warmer weather alongside fewer crowds and is therefore a season to take into consideration when choosing what time of year to visit Mallorca.