Food & Cuisine in Formentera

Food & Cuisine in Formentera

For those looking to experience real and authentic Spanish island cuisine, Formentera is undoubtedly a gastronomic hotspot that is bound to delight your taste buds during a holiday.

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A Guide to Food in Formentera 

Over the years, the island of Formentera has become a thriving culinary destination in the Mediterranean. Since its beginning, the isle has held sustainable agriculture at the centre of its culinary advancements, alongside utilising the very best of its local produce in its cuisine. 

The island’s gastronomic landscape has been developing over centuries, blending its pure local ingredients and flavours that are quintessential of the island with the intuitiveness and innovation of the its inhabitants. This, alongside long-standing culinary traditions, has created a diverse and unique flavour palette that is distinct to Formentera, and unlike anything else.

Much like the rest of Spain, the residents of Formentera eat a Mediterranean diet, with the majority of dishes including some form of meat, poultry, or fish, alongside fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains. Typical dishes include stews, soups, and salads, which are eaten year-round across the island.

Being an island, seafood is one of the pillars of Formentera’s culinary heritage and is the star of the show in many authentic local delicacies. Equally, meat that is local to Formentera is prized and is heavily used in local cooking.

Typical Formentera foods used in local cooking include the tomato ‘Ramallet’, almonds, walnuts, and olives, which are incorporated to form delectable dishes. Figs take centre stage in a lot of recipes, as the island is famous for this juicy fruit.  

Formentera has also adopted typical Spanish eating habits including eating lunch late, which is typically served in the afternoon at around 2 pm, and having late dinners, which often occur at 9 or 10 pm.

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What to Eat in Formentera

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Formentera Sobrassada

Native to the Balearic Isles, Sobrassada is a cured sausage that is made of meat, often pork, alongside salt, and spices, including paprika, which gives the sausage its characteristic bright red colour. It is often eaten like a pâté, spread onto fresh bread before being toasted on the grill, or added to other dishes as a main ingredient.

Peix Sec

Another Formentera delicacy, Peix Sec is made from dried cartilaginous fish. The ancient culinary tradition of peix sec has become a star of the show in Formentera’s culinary scene, often used in traditional dishes, including ensalada pagese.

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Ensalada Pagesa

As aforementioned, the Ensalada Pagesa is a popular traditional salad, made from potatoes, bread, tomatoes, and peix sec. It is served in most authentic local restaurants given it is the most traditional culinary dish on the island.


A popular traditional dessert, Flaó is a tart or cheesecake that is found across Formentera and its neighbouring Balearic islands. The dessert is found year-round on the island and is made of dough forming a crescent shape, and is often filled with jam, honey, or even cheese.

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Where to Eat in Formentera

Formentera has a variety of towns and villages that boast a thriving culinary scene and a diverse range of restaurants, bars, and eateries. We have highlighted a few of our favourites below.

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Es Pujols

Es Pujols is one of Formentera’s most vibrant tourist areas which is teeming with restaurants and bars serving up some of the best of the island’s cuisine. It is the island’s only resort and is situated on its northern edge.

One of the best locations in Es Pujols to sample the diverse range of food in Formentera is its main promenade, located beside its beach. Here lie some of the best restaurants in Formentera, offering the opportunity to dive into mouthwatering authentic eats in upmarket and traditional establishments. 

Collectively open all day long, these eateries are the perfect place to take a bite out of Formentera food at any time of the day.

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Sant Francesc Xavier

As the capital of the island, it’s likely unsurprising to hear that Sant Francesc Xavier is a haven for sampling local Formentera food. 

A popular destination for breakfasts and brunches, before locals and tourists head to the neighbouring coastline for the day, its eateries are ideal for trying some of the delicious morning and lunchtime eats that are traditionally eaten in Formentera.

The town is known for its relaxed and traditional atmosphere, and so for those who are looking to savour delicious Formentera cuisine in classic surroundings, Sant Francesc Xavier is an ideal option.

Where to Stay to Experience the Best Food in Formentera

You’re never far from the very best of Formentera food and cuisine during a stay on the island. But, to ensure you’re within close proximity of some of the island’s best culinary destinations, we’ve recommended the below place to stay in Formentera to ensure you’re hosted in luxury whilst savouring its decadent delicacies during your next getaway.

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Villa Ordin

Situated on the outskirts of Es Pujols, within walking distance of the town, Villa Ordin is an opulent 4-bedroom home sleeping up to 8 guests. It remains within close proximity to the seafront, offering the perfect balance between a beach getaway and accessibility to the nearby town. 

The villa is private and features its own blossoming garden and exclusive use swimming pool.

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Casa Perla

Sleeping up to 6 guests across 3 bedrooms, Casa Perla is a modern villa nestled less than a 10-minute drive from the centre of Sant Francesc Xavier. 

In a secluded spot within a pine tree forest and a small vineyard, this property is a charming option offering privacy and style with its chic furnishings and interiors. Casa Perla offers an outdoor pool and pergola, perfect for days spent relaxing in the Mediterranean sunshine.