Easy Car Hire in Ibiza
June 05, 2015

Easy Car Hire in Ibiza

Everyone who comes to Ibiza seems to go home with their very own ‘camino story’. Caminos are the sometimes-dubious dirt roads that crisscross the island – often at the end of them you find your picture-perfect Ibiza villa holiday of 2015.

Our founder and director George Burdon knows all too well what it’s like to get to the airport and just want to get started with your vacation. Now. That’s why he added personalised Ibiza concierge services to the Dynamic Lives package.

Forget lugging your suitcases to go stand in a queue at a car rental desk, only to be greeted by a surly clerk waving a fistful forms in your face. Dynamic Lives helps you choose a suitable vehicle to fit the needs of your group, be it a people mover, a family car, a jeep or a convertible.

Our priority service means:

You are met at the airport

You sign your name once only

You are given the keys to your rental car

Within minutes you’re on your way down those caminos to your luxury Ibiza villa.

Even though you’ll hear locals complain about the pesky caminos, the truth is most of them are not that bad. Cruising around the island is a fantastic way to experience its breathtaking beauty, and getting lost usually leads to some memorable moments, be they in hidden coves, cute villages and taking in some glorious views.

It’s through personal experience that we understand what people need when they travel. Take advantage of our concierge services and let Dynamic Lives rental agency in Ibiza make your holiday on the White Isle simple, efficient and above all fun – though we can’t guarantee the state of all caminos!

We can help you find your luxury villa:

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