Postcards from Ibiza: Las Salinas
December 13, 2019

Postcards from Ibiza: Las Salinas

When you think of iconic Ibiza destinations, the long stretch of golden sand at Las Salinas is one of the first places to spring to mind. From feet-in-the-sand beach clubs and high-end restaurants, to flamingo sightings, ancient pirate towers and the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Listed salt flats – not to mention alternative sunset hotspots and some hard-going hiking – this gorgeous south-east beach has it all.

Beach With Safe Guard Spot And People

Life in Ibiza is (almost) all about the beach and Las Salinas has long been the number one spot for locals and tourists alike. Boasting pristine shallow water that turns 50 shades of turquoise, there is an abundance of beach beds to be snapped up if you arrive before midday (or pre-book a daybed in a restaurant – our concierge team can help with that!), and the vibe is simultaneously family friendly and bohemian. Sound like heaven? It is. “Las Salinas is without a doubt Ibiza’s busiest beach,” says Dynamic Lives founder George Burdon. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t find some seclusion here in the busy summer months, you just need to know where to look.” George advises to keep walking towards the north end of the beach, where you’ll discover a smattering of rocky coves, one featuring a beautiful exotic carving, and two small sandy enclaves. Totally paradisiacal, these areas are not for the prudish, Las Salinas has always been accepting of nudists – going completely bare here is de rigueur.

Back in the 60s when Ibiza first earned its hedonist stripes, hippies would visit Las Salinas to sell the wares they’d sourced from travels in India to people on the beach. This laid-back life continued all the way through to the 90s, when restaurants like Jockey Club Ibiza first opened, serving up fabulous food on basic plastic tables and chairs in the sand, with the sea lapping at diners’ feet (literally – back then there weren’t any restrictions about where tables and beds can go like today). Meanwhile further up the beach, Sa Trinxa was busy developing the island’s signature Balearic beat. Superclubs soon realised Las Salinas was the place to be advertising their nightly events, and started sending risqué parades of scantily clad dancers along the beach, trying to entice beachgoers to the party with the offer of free entrance or drinks.

Couple On The Beach Eating On A Sunbed

These days, life is a lot tamer on the beach at Las Salinas. The majority of people opt for bathing suits, and party promotions are small and subtle. Now, it’s all about living the good life and the abundance of restaurants and beach clubs that have popped up in the last decade are evidence of that. “The new kid on the block on Las Salina is Beso Beach,” says Dynamic Ibiza concierge manager Ed Graham, who knows all of the restaurants on this strip like the back of his hand. “it’s a sister restaurant to the popular Formentera haunt – a jet-set magnet with four-poster beach-bed service and an impressive Mediterranean menu.” Just next door is long-term local fave Malibu, and a little further in the centre of the beach is the aforementioned Jockey Club. Once you’ve sampled its modern Mediterranean cuisine and warm, family style service – and indulged in some fishbowl sized G&T’s from owner Oliver’s curated gin cart – you’ll see why Jockey remains king of the beach. “Table-top dancing still takes place here at sunset most days,” says Ed. “The spirit of Ibiza lives!”

While Jockey Club may be the most well-known, Sa Trinxa was, in fact, the very first beach bar to have opened on this sandy strip, and it remains a destination in itself. Here, people watching is mandatory. ¨When I was a kid, Sa Trinxa was the only place to drink, dance and dine on the beach,” says Dynamic Ibiza general manager Electra Garcia, who grew up on the white isle and watched the evolution of Salinas first hand. ¨There are many more options now, but you still can’t beat the original – especially when DJ Jon Sa Trinxa is spinning those classic beach chill-out beats for authentic, old school Ibiza ambience.” An iconic green platform juts out into the sea to make entering the water at this rocky end of the beach easy, and the social buzz here takes you through until sunset. Then it’s the time to head across the road to the low-key cool of Boutique Hostal Salinas for an aperitivo of post-beach cocktails and cool music courtesy of local legends Duesi Wolfmeir and David Phillips.

Las Salinas Beach With People And Sea (1)

Of course, there is more to this nature reserve than simply the beach! The legendary ‘five peaks’ hike is one of the toughest, but more rewarding on the island and we can arrange a guide to get you over all five peaks safely. If you prefer a slower pace, the forest walk parallel to the shore is beautiful and leads directly to the historic watchtower on the very tip of the rocks, staring out over to Formentera. Look to the left and you can continue walking around to neighbouring beach Es Cavallet – another slice of Mediterranean heaven. ¨If you’ve arrived on foot from Las Salinas, the first restaurant is Chiringay,̈  says Ed. ¨It’s LGBQI friendly, always filled with laughter and colour, serves up amazing food and is also home to the best secret swimming spot on this beach.” Again, you’re likely to see naked swimmers and sunbathers here – it’s all part of the charm.

Further down the beach are two of our favourite beach-side dining destinations: El Chiringuito, with valet parking, a designated kids’ zone, fantastic food – say yes to the ‘Oyster Man’ – a gorgeous boutique and an achingly hip crowd. La Escollera resides next door, looking over the sea and where the owners serve up family recipes that have been tried and tested for over 20 years, with the fresh fish and typical Spanish rice dishes (including popular vegan versions) being must-orders. It’s a perfect location to while away any sunny day of the week – plus it’s open all year round, a much-loved winter hotspot for island residents.


Back over on the main beach at Las Salinas, there’s still more to see and do. In the Las Salinas car park there is fantastic shopping to be done at Hecho a Mano (“I recommend everyone stock up on their handmade leather sandals and wallets,” confides Electra) and right at the south end of the beach right next to the salt mills, La Nave is the grand art space at the northern tip of the beach. Owned by Brazilian art collector Lio Malca, La Nave showcases Malca’s collections by a renowned featured artist every season (including Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf in recent years) plus hosts cool art workshops for kids – our team can book your little ones a place. There’s also a small sailing school and if you’re looking for an eco-friendly day out on a boat, La Belle Ibiza boasts a fleet of ‘green’ catamarans that leave from the end of the beach (again, we can take care of all the details), and finally, Fred's Finca – located in the Las Salinas hills just before the Es Cavallet turnoff – offers daily yoga classes and a healthy restaurant.

Sunset is as magic in the south as it is in the west – watching it reflected in the salt flats is a sight you’ll never forget. “The best sunset viewing point in the area is without a doubt Experimental Beach Ibiza,” says Ed. “You drive along a rocky, winding pathway through the salt flats, past a mountain of Ibiza salt and are rewarded with one of the most magical views (not to mention restaurants) on the island.” Popular with the jet-set, you’ll need to book ahead (or let us do it for you) in high summer, and the views of Es Vedra in the distance are definitely worth it. As you drive out of Las Salinas, Peruvian fine dining restaurant Coricancha is one of the last destinations you pass on the right, boasting a second floor terrace with uninterrupted sunset views over the salt and beyond – with incredible cocktails and some of the island’s finest food, it’s well worth making a visit to. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the flamingos that roost in the shallow salty waters when you’re there – just like magic, they do exist!

If a holiday near Las Salinas sounds like your idea of heaven, contact us to enquire about staying in Villa Cardona, Villa Lampy or Casa Valen. Otherwise, let our team organise a perfect beach day for you and your group at one of the best beach clubs in the area during your stay – Las Salinas is a must-visit.

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