Ibiza Insiders Guide... How to Navigate the Opening Parties
June 19, 2015

Ibiza Insiders Guide... How to Navigate the Opening Parties

Even if you’ve come to your luxury Ibiza holiday with the kids, chances are you’ll still want to attend the odd party. It is Ibiza after all.

Let’s be honest, we’re not as young and supple as we once were – fantasies of Ibiza party villas have made way for sandcastles and ice-creams. But that shouldn’t mean our days on the dance floor are done! While the big nights all offer amazing parties, the smaller beach clubs, hotels and restaurants are also famous for their lavish nights. Think Blue Marlin, Atzaro Beach, Bambuddha, Cotton Beach, Ushuaia and Amante.

All that’s needed to make it through is a bit of planning and some smart partying. Here’s the Dynamic Lives Guide to Staying Upright in Opening Season.

Book a night nanny and a day nanny.

Dynamic Lives can arrange a nanny to come and stay over night in your villa and then have another replace her in the morning. Did someone say lie in?


Book a driver.

There is nothing more frustrating then having to wait for taxis. Let Dynamic Lives book you a driver for the night and be assured smooth transfers between restaurant, club and your beach villa in Ibiza.


Take a disco nap.

Sometime in the late afternoon before your big night out retire to your room, draw the curtains and have a little rest. Even if you don’t get to sleep, resting your body and mind make it last longer on the dance floor.


Do some power yoga.

Get your circulation going with some vigorous stretches before getting ready for the night.


Have a protein packed dinner.

Protein is what gives our bodies long-lasting energy so make sure you pack that in at dinner.


Don’t peak too soon.

Slow down on wine at dinner and stay well hydrated. You don’t want to be nodding off in the car on the way to the club.


Make a mix tape.

Choose all the latest tunes and blast it through the villa and car stereo as you’re getting ready to go out. There’s nothing like some choice beats to get you in the mood.


Pack a clubbing first aid kit

Mint gum, lip balm, walk home shoes for the ladies, sunglasses and paracetamol. The essentials.

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