Ibiza Insiders Guide... The Who's Who of Ibiza Private Chefs
July 03, 2015

Ibiza Insiders Guide... The Who's Who of Ibiza Private Chefs

Once you’ve booked your luxury villa rental in Ibiza, you’ve figured out when you’re going to take a day trip to Formentera, you’ve picked the parties you’re going to attend and everything is organised with just the right amount of room for spontaneity, the final piece to your summer in Ibiza puzzle is a private chef.

There is no need to focus on anything but relaxing and enjoying some stress free time. Dynamic Lives have a team of private chefs who specialise in all kinds of cuisines. Dynamic Lives founder George Burdon has worked closely with Santi Serra, a private chef in Ibiza and his team at Private Chef Ibiza for years.

Santi is passionate about the produce from the island. He relishes seeking out the best, freshest, in-season ingredients and letting them shine through his dishes. “We have worked with Dynamic Lives for a long time, we’re like a family,” he says. “We know what George and his clients like, it’s always a pleasure to meet the people who end up forming the Dynamic Lives family.”

Some people like to have breakfast ready to be served as soon as they wake up, while others like to enjoy an alfresco lunch of Mediterranean favourites or a evening barbecue. And every-so-often, the flavours of Asia fit superbly with a few glasses of local wine. Or perhaps a birthday, engagement or some other celebration calls for canapés, cocktails or sit down dinner. Whatever the requirement Santi can provide.

His current favourite dishes reflect the Islands wonderful produce and Santi’s own penchant for letting the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. Expect to experience the tastes of Tuna tartare, baby spinach salad with smoked pancetta and Angus steak served basted in a puree of ‘pata Ibicenca trufado’.

Combine that deliciousness with the luxurious comfort of your villa, a view of the sea and some fine wines and you can definitely say bon appetit!

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