Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access

A luxury holiday is all about incredible experiences, so why not add a touch of exclusivity to make your trip even more special. Our experience and contacts on the islands mean that we can find you the best tables at the finest bars and restaurants and grant access to all areas at clubs and events.


Premium Events and Experiences

From the best tables at bars to private day beds at beach clubs and VIP booths for DJ events, let our team get you access to some of the best experiences available on the island. Whether you’re after front-row seats for performances or want to enjoy secluded beaches with luxury facilities, we’ll arrange everything you need.

Our exclusive access services are ideal if you’re celebrating a significant event or occasion at one of our luxury villas and want to commemorate the trip by doing something really special. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll use our network of contacts to arrange something unique.

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Personal Recommendations

Our concierge team is chosen for their exceptional service but also for their knowledge of what each island has to offer our guests, from restaurant recommendations to snorkelling spots. Tell us how you’d like to spend your time during your trip and we can put together an itinerary based on local knowledge and trusted partners, promising incredible experiences far-removed from conventional tourist attractions.