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Mykonos Car Hire - Why

Read our guide and get 5 insider tips on how to get the best rental price possible when travelling to Mykonos.

Book early! In Mykonos, as opposed to other destinations where we see prices drop closer to your travelling date, prices are likely to rise. Especially during peak season there is a very low chance of getting a good last-minute deal. We recommend booking your vehicle as soon as you have your travelling dates set.

Check local rentals. A great thing in Mykonos is that local hire companies usually don’t have a bunch of hidden fees (think airport taxes, pick up fees, extra mileage charges etc.). So in the long run they might actually offer a better deal than the international ones. Plus, it is so much easier to have rented with a local if you should need any road side assistance. Imagine calling an international number trying to explain to the representative where in Mykonos you are stuck.

Rent for more than one day. If you decided last minute that you want to rent a vehicle there are still things you can do to get a better deal. All rental companies (at least the smart ones) are open for at least some negotiation. But if you want to have something to negotiate with: rent for more than one day and you will for sure get a better daily rate. Having your own vehicle in Mykonos is for sure going to add value to your trip and is not a waste of money. Further reading: Reasons to rent a car on your vacation.

Research your car rental insurance before. Check if your credit card offers additional insurance by paying with it for the rental. Or perhaps your own car insurance at home covers rentals as well. Buying insurance from the car rental agency will give you a peace of mind, but of course it comes at an additional cost. Note that private insurances rarely cover other vehicles than regular passenger cars.
Search the web. Renting through a travel agent or reception desk is obviously the easiest. We also recommend searching online to make sure you are getting the best rental deal possible. Try searching for someone nearby, or a company that offers free delivery to your hotel.