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Villa Auraliya - Prices From $1500 per night

Luxurious Sri Lankan Villa Retreat

Originally conceived as a family retreat, Auraliya is a luxurious haven overlooking one of southern Sri Lanka's most beautiful beaches.

This 6-bedroomed, fully-staffed villa is designed in a courtyard shape featuring a deep turquoise central swimming pool, and provides luxurious accommodation centred around three large pavilions. The floors and walls are light with polished white terrazzo and high ceilings are used extensively, giving an airy, cool and fresh feel.

Touches such as the open air cloistered walkways, indigenous artwork, and fibre optic stars in the pool, as well as the views out to the Indian Ocean, add to the special ambiance of this villa.

With an acre of tropical garden adorned by frangipani trees and coconut palms, and an ideal location in the middle of the idyllic Palatugaha beach enhanced by a stunning, unspoilt coral lagoon, Auraliya offers some of the safest year-round swimming and snorkeling on the South coast, making it an especially good choice for families with children.

Resort: Sri Lanka  -  Sleeps: 12
Prices From: $1500 per night

The villa is arranged around three large pavilions.

The first provides a formal dining area with stunning views and flexible seating– either one large table for everyone or two separate configurations for adults and children. The middle pavilion provides a central chill-out area, and finally there is an Alabama-style bar overlooking the beach providing the perfect setting for breakfast, lunch or sun-downers

Beach side there are two family suites, which include two double bedrooms with a conduit bathroom. The front bedrooms on either side have eight foot square family size four-poster beds. The second bedrooms to each of these family suites open on the walkways overlooking the swimming pool. One room has a double bed, the other a double and a single bed. There are two additional suites opposite the dining pavilion; one with twin four-poster beds, the other with a large double four poster bed. All bedrooms have air-conditioning, cupboards, shelves and a built in window seat. Four of the bedrooms have electronic safes to store valuables and every bedhead is lockable.

All bedrooms have spacious en suite bathrooms.

  • Child friendly
  • Luxury
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Summer
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wifi - Email & Browsing
  • All Rooms en suite
  • Chill out area
  • Sun terrace
  • Garden

Inclusive Services :

  • Full staff available including a fantastic Chef
  • B&B inclusive
  • Flexible bookings by room or villa exclusive

VIP Services (additional cost applies):

  • Safari tours
  • Whale watching
  • Fishing trips
  • Cultural tours

Availability for Sri Lanka 2017

View Availability for Sri Lanka 2018


Paradise Found! Waking to the smiling staff, playing all day and falling asleep to the sound of the sea makes for a difficult departure and a myriad of prayers to return!


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