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Middle Street - Prices From $450 per night

Architecturally acclaimed, this 4 bedroom family home is a feast of the senses

Architecturally acclaimed, this 4 bedroom family home is a feast of the senses.

Enter the house from Middle Street (which also houses the luxurious Amangalla spa), and into the open plan sitting and dining area. Huge ceilings soar up to the rafters and the mezzanine floor, with its own internal balcony, contains the master suite and twin room. 
The large garden that lies off the kitchen and TV area, is stunning, and the architectural attention to detail is superb. There are rammed earth columns, louvred teak shuttering; hand made tiles and polished terrazzo bathrooms. The attentive staff are present to serve cool drinks to allow you to ease into the relaxed Sri Lankan way of life.
The staircase meanders around an exposed brick core to the first floor and all the 4 bedrooms. A master suite with king size bed and ensuite bathroom with tub; a guest double; a children’s bunk room with 4 beds and a twin room. All have private bathrooms.
The roof terrace is above the bedrooms and enjoys view over the roof tops towards the 16 century Dutch Church and the Amangalla.

Resort: Sri Lanka  -  Sleeps: 10
Prices From: $450 per night

Bedroom 1: Master Suite:

King size bed, air con, ensuite, bathroom with tub, dressing room, first floor.

Bedroom 2: Guest double:

Queen size bed, air con, ensuite, first floor

Bedroom 3: Twin :

Two single 4 poster beds, air con, attached bathroom, first floor

Bedroom 4: Bunk beds:

4 beds, air con, ensuite, first floor

Open plan sitting dining:

Dining table for 8, sofa and arm chairs

TV area:

Leather arm chairs, flat screen, Sat TV / DVD


Garden views, breakfast table

Children's play room:

Open sided facing garden, seating, toys

Roof terrace:

Second floor, roof top views


Fully equipped, open plan


Chef, two house boys, door man     
  • Air Conditioning
  • Garden
  • Wifi - Email & Browsing
  • Satellite TV
  • Home Cinema/DVD
VIP Services (additional cost applies):

  • Safari tours
  • Whale watching
  • Fishing trips
  • Cultural tours

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Availability for Sri Lanka 2017

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