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Luxury villas Ibiza sri lanka

Luxury Ibiza Villas, Sri Lanka Villas

Indulge yourself and escape to your own private paradise in one of our luxury Ibiza, Sri Lanka or Formentera villas.

Feel the warmth of the Balearic sun and the Mediterranean ocean in one of luxury Ibiza villas. Explore the hidden coves of the White Isle or the cobbled pathways of Ibiza Old Town. Discover the vibrancy of Ibiza's famous restaurants and clubs. Treat yourself, friends and family to the ultimate luxury VIP getaway.

After 14 years of experience and with an Ibiza villa portfolio of over 200 properties, we have the Ibiza villa to match your ideal group needs - families, professional couples. We listen to our clients' needs and deliver a tailor luxury villa holiday to fit their wishes and desires. We pride ourselves on taking time to understand you and your needs so that we can recommend the right Ibiza villa for you and your group

You can choose from one of our modern villas, luxury, sea front or private sea access villas, child friendly or an rural Ibiza finca. Our Dynamic team of experienced Ibiza villa people will assist you in finding the perfect villa and holiday in Ibiza.

Alternatively, why not discover your own tailor-made adventure by staying in one of our luxury villas in Sri Lanka, all of which come with a complimentary concierge service. The Sri Lankan climate ensures that it is the ideal winter getaway and all our villas are located in ideal beachfront locations

Or, why not experience the magic of the Alps in the summer?

You'll still find plenty of adrenaline-fuelled activities in the mountains. Try parapenting (paragliding), canyoning, white-water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking (VTT) & climbing. The Alps also offer healthy & relaxing options to soothe body & soul.

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